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Oscar Iso-Mount


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The Oscar Iso-Mount is the ultimate Space Saving Soundproof Ceiling System

Noisy Neighbours?  Flat Converting?   Oscar can help!    


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The Oscar Iso-Mount is a new space saving, isolating mount for sound proof ceilings.
It achieves 4 objectives fundamental to the success of sound proof ceilings in domestic situations.

  1. The installation is rigid yet isolated: sometimes referred to as a ‘floating sound proof ceiling
  2. The minimum of ceiling height is lost: as little as 6mm (Less than 1/4inch)*
  3. The work is all carried out from the room below - The ceiling
  4. The installation achieves (better than), compliance with British building regs Approved Document E for airborne and impact sound.


Features of the Oscar Iso-Mount

  • All soundproof ceiling work can be done without going into the apartment or room above.
  • Easier and quicker than installing products on the floor of the room above: when doors, skirting boards etc. must often be shortened and adjusted to compensate for the raised level of floor.
  • Appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling once complete. The room in the picture to the left has an Oscar Iso-Mount sound proof ceiling and Oscar Acoustics’ SonaCel sound proof walls.
  • Adjustable side of joist fixing allowing minimum ceiling height loss and level ceilings across uneven joists.
  • Fast and simple clip together installation.


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Oscar Iso-Mount Review

“The whole transaction has been simple and easy. I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference. So much so that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above. I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat. Keep up the good work.”


Jim Hood 5 star review rating


Oscar Acoustics has over 35 years experience in the acoustics industry, working on such projects as Warner Bros film studios, Greenwich Royal Observatory, Tate Modern, O2 Dome. We now offer our knowledge to you, the builder, developer and competent DIY person with our new Oscar Iso-Mount for ceiling sound proofing. See our full installation list.


How does sound transmit through Ceilings, Floors & Walls?

Sound passes through ceilings / floors as vibration

Example – sound pressure waves generated by a music system in an upper flat, penetrate and travel through the floor boards, joists and ceiling in the form of vibration, they radiate from the ceiling as sound pressure again; weaker but in many cases still too powerful (Loud).  Either side of joists the sound pressure turns to vibration through the floor – back to sound pressure through the air void – vibration again through the ceiling – and back to sound pressure in the flat below.


BREAK THE PATH OF VIBRATION THROUGH THE JOISTS: with an Oscar Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling

For independent on site ceiling sound proofing test results (Click Here)



Floating soundproof ceiling/floor/wall

further explanation

Many sound proofing products promise good results, but without the basic isolating principles in place, these will have limited effect.  Left and right are two simple diagrams to explain how soundproof ceilings and walls work:



Soundproof Ceiling: Technical Information

Soundproof Ceiling Technical Information


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Click here to purchase the Oscar Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling system on-line

Oscar Iso-Mounts for sound proof ceilings are supplied loose - there are 3 components to each mount:


   The Iso-Support: the L shaped bracket that screws to the timber joist - supplied loose.
2.    The Iso-Saddle: steel pressing - supplied loose.
3.    The Iso–Rubber isolating block - supplied loose.
    Wear gloves when handling the metals parts becuase of sharp edges.


There are two current versions of Oscar Iso-Mount for  soundproof ceilings

Ordering Reference



Iso-Mount Type 1   Timber Joist - Oscar Iso-Mount - Steel C Channel As shown
Iso-Mount Type 2   Timber Joist - Oscar Iso-Mount - Timber Batt

The difference between the 2 options is:
Type 1 – uses proprietary 48mm wide steel channel to receive the screws when fixing the plasterboard.
Type 2 – uses a timber batt to receive the screws when fixing the plasterboard

It’s just a matter of preference.                  Click here for more information on using timer batts for your soundproof ceiling – Type 2  

For type 1 (Steel C Channel) continue here.

Oscar Iso-Mount Components

Iso-Mount Components


Iso-Mount Assembled


You will also need:

4mm x 30mm (8 gauge x 1.1/4inch)*, c/sunk fixing screws to fix the Iso-Support (L shaped bracket), to the timber joist, minimum of 2 screws fixed diagonally per bracket.

Soundproof Ceiling Mount Loadings and Spacing

Soundproof Ceiling Mount Loadings and Spacing

The maximum safe loading on each mount is 13.5kg (29.7lbs)*, under this maximum safe load there is up to 2mm (0.08 inches)*, deflection as the mount flexes and the rubber compresses.

Arranging the Iso-mounts evenly spaced at 4 per square metre gives a maximum safe loading of 54 kg/sq mtr (11lb/sq.ft)*.

If the floor joists are at 400mm (15.75inches)* centres then Iso-Mount sound proof ceiling brackets are fixed along the joists at 100mm (4inches)* in from the wall at both ends then equi spaced along the joists at no more than 650mm (25.6inches)*, intervals/centres.

If the floor joists are at 450mm (17.72inches)*, centres then Iso-Mount sound proof ceiling brackets are fixed along the joists at 100mm (4inches)*, in from the wall at both ends then equi spaced along the joists at no more than 600mm (23.6inches), intervals/centres.

If the floor joists are at 500mm (19.7inches)*, centres then Iso-Mount sound proof ceiling brackets are fixed along the joists at 100mm (4inches)*, in from the wall at both ends then equi spaced along the joists at no more than 525mm (20.7inches)*, intervals/centres.  

If the floor joists are at 600mm (23.6inches)*, centres then Iso-Mount sound proof ceiling brackets are fixed along the joists at 100mm (4inches)*, in from the wall then at no more than 450mm (17.7inches)*, intervals/centres. 


Typical Loading calc for 220mm (8.66 inch)*, deep joists 

2 layers of 12mm standard plasterboard at 10kg each/sq mtr   20
220mm of Celbar at 40kg/   9
C stud   1.2
4 x Iso Mount saddles at 37grams each   0.148
Round up


31kg/sq.metre  (6.35 Lbs/sq.ft)*

 Plus:  the weight of down lighters, smoke sensors, grills etc that are to be fixed to the plasterboard.  Consult the manufacturers of the plaster board for fixtures to be fixed directly to the plasterboard.  Use fastenings as recommended by the plasterboard manufacturer.


See Iso-Mount soundproofing ceiling test result pdf's at the bottom of this page.

Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information


   Celbar is also an excellent thermal insulator. Bring this to the attention of your qualified electrician who may have to allow for heavier cables and ventilation gaps around down lighters.


   Consult the manufacturers of the plaster board for fixtures to be fixed directly to the plasterboard.  Use fastenings as recommended by the plasterboard manufacturer.
IMPORTANT:    Only competent persons fully conversant with the use of Personal Protective Equipment should carry out the work.


The Oscar Iso-Mount can be used in conjunction with:

  • Celbar: Machine blown by Oscar Acoustics for larger areas or supplied compressed in bags for hand filling by the builder.
  • Oscar Seal: Acoustic intumescent acrylic sealant tested to BS EN ISO 140-3.
  • Oscar Foam: Compressible self-adhesive Class O foam used to isolate ceiling boards from walls.


Buy Oscar Iso-Mounts Online

Visit our Online Sound Shop to purchase your Oscar Iso-Mounts today. From only £3.52 ex. VAT. Delivery throughout the UK.

*Metric equivalent measurements given are British and U.S. imperial system.

*The Oscar Iso-Mount system is for ceiling sound proofing; for acoustic ceilings / building acoustics, please click here to see products for reverberation control including our new super smooth acoustic plaster.


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Oscar Iso-Mount:


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