Swimming Pool Acoustics

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Swimming Pool Acoustics


Acoustic decorative ceiling finish controls noise reverberation


Harpurhey Leisure Centre     Harpurhey Leisure Centre


The swimming pool acoustic design calculations demonstrated there would be a problem with speech audibility in the pool area due to high levels of noise reverberation.  Instructors of swimming lessons would find teaching very difficult and the serious problem existed of misunderstanding the Public Address system announcements and instructions in the event of an emergency.

Oscar Acoustics was employed to apply 16mm of SonaSpray K-13 Special to the soffit in white. The installation was completed in one week.  The swimming pool acoustic environment is reported as excellent, plus it has the additional benefit of condensation control.


Swimming Pool Acoustics


Swimming Pool Acoustics
    Perfect Swimming pool acoustics

SonaSpray fc in white applied to a feature wave design ceiling is an ideal sound absorber. SonaSpray fc offers other useful features; it is spray-applied and covers the wave design ceiling with a joint free monolithic coating. SonaSpray fc helps to reduce condensation in the pool area when it is combined with appropriate ventilation. SonaSpray fc will provide the pool with a bright, attractive ceiling for years to come coupled with perfect swimming pool acoustics.

Superior acoustic control, a highly light reflective finish, the sound absorber with the ability to conform to any substrate configuration and an attractive, uniform texture make SonaSpray fc the best ceiling finish for new construction or renovation acoustic installation projects. Oscar Acoustics range of finishes offers the ideal ceiling treatment for most acoustic or thermal acoustic insulation requirements. Contact Oscar Acoustics for complete details on how SonaSpray can improve your swimming pool acoustics.


Condensation Control: For areas such as indoor pools and ice arenas, SonaSpray aids in condensation control and cold bridging. The correct combination of SonaSpray and ventilation prevents condensation on metal, concrete and other similar surfaces. SonaSpray actually reduces ventilation requirements, saving in both the ventilation equipment cost and operating costs.

RH Control:  SonaSpray is a natural humidity moderator. At times of increasing humidity SonaSpray will absorb large amounts of water vapour. When the humidity drops SonaSpray will exhale water vapour and maintain a balance. This characteristic promotes a healthy atmosphere and superb swimming pool acoustics.


Swimming Pool Acoustics article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.


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