Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures made easily using acoustic masonry blocks

SoundBlox Acoustic Enclosures: these acoustic masonry building blocks absorb noise using Helmholst resonator principles and perform well at the difficult lower frequencies. 98% absorption is possible at 125Hz; standard building block will absorb about 4%! SoundBlox can be laid along with standard masonry blocks, applications include: acoustic enclosures, industrial noise control for manufacturing, workshops, plant rooms, sports halls, exhibition halls, road/rail acoustic enclosures / barriers.

Noise generated by machinery and manufacturing operations can increase by up to 15dBA when enclosed by hard floors walls and ceilings: the enclosure reflects the noise from hard surfaces, adding to generated levels; with this environment compliance with HSE requirements becomes difficult and expensive.

Acoustic enclosures and buildings constructed from SoundBlox absorb noise.

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Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures

Noise levels inside the acoustic enclosure constructed from SoundBlox are lower; as a consequence noise levels at adjoining offices and neighbouring properties will be lower.

Specify SoundBlox for the construction of walls in your production area plus your acoustic enclosures / plant rooms. SoundBlox are virtually maintenance free and quietly do their job for the life of the building.  

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Acoustic enclosures artical written by D. Mack.