Auditorium acoustics

SonaSpray acoustic decorative finish for excellent auditorium acoustics

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Auditorium acoustics require economical acoustic products due to the sheer size of the acoustic installation

We have the perfect solution with our SonaSpray range

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Bournemouth International Centre

Auditorium Acoustics

SonaSpray acoustic decorative finish applied in just two days!

During the recent refurbishment of The Windsor Hall at the Bournemouth International Centre, improved auditorium building acoustics was a major requirement.

After calculations the acoustic consultants decided that SonaSpray was the perfect product to solve the auditoriums acoustic issues.  They specified SonaSpray K-13 Black to be sprayed across the profiled steel soffit at 16mm thick.  Spraying the ceiling in black creates an optical illusion as the ceiling appears to be endless and invisible above the down lights. 

Different effects can be achieved by spraying one of the many other colours available as standard. Spraying in white, beige or light grey will brighten and refresh a room, but in this case black was perfect for controlling the lighting effects and focusing the audience’s attention on the performance in front of them.  Two Oscar Acoustics teams completed this large area in just one weekend working off scissor lifts, dramatically improving the auditorium acoustics.

The main contractor ‘Waring Contracts’ was delighted with this smooth operation as it enabled them to complete the project in budget and on time. 
The results: Superb auditorium acoustics with minimum impact on project finish date.

Acoustic consultants:
Hoare Lea Acoustics
Auditorium Acoustic Treatment:
Oscar Acoustics

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Auditorium Acoustics

Auditorium Acoustics

Auditorium Acoustics

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Auditorium acoustics article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.

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