Bath College Construction Skills Centre

College acoustics

College Acoustics

Bath College construction skills centre

This state-of-the-art construction skills centre at Bath College is a purpose-built facility accommodating new workshops that cater for 500+ apprentices and students studying bricklaying, construction, carpentry and stonemasonry, as well as plumbing, electrical installation and refrigeration.  This is an exciting step for the college meaning that going forward all construction trades can now be taught under one roof.

Without acoustic treatment the noise levels within these spaces would have been uncomfortably high whilst machinery was in use.  Oscar Acoustics spray applied SonaSpray K-13 in white at 16mm to the profile deck high ceilings to absorb sound instead of reflecting it back into the large open classrooms, reducing reverberation times and therefore overall noise levels.

Our SonaSpray range is used in hundreds of locations across the UK in schools, colleges, community halls, atriums, offices, factories.  Almost any interior space with a reverberation problem can be treated with SonaSpray.

This Project Uses

SonaSpray K-13

SonaSpray K-13

A deliberately industrial, coarsely textured, seamless spray applied acoustic finish, available in standard and custom colours.

Ideal for use in offices, public spaces, stadia, sports halls, auditoria, stadiums, night clubs/bars, factories, warehouses etc.