Church Acoustics

In many churches and other religious buildings, poor acoustics can be a big problem.  With hard walls, stone or tiled floors and bare wooden seating, churches are often very reverberant spaces and when coupled with high ceilings and gothic shapes can result in poor church acoustics.

In a building that was built predominantly for holding services such as christenings and weddings with loud music and singing it is vital that the acoustics are treated within the space.  People can find it extremely difficult and frustrating to hear a marrying couple or the vicar when their voices are being reflected at them from all directions.  The worship space must be quiet enough so that worshippers are not distracted and excess noise levels do not interfere with the music or speech during a service.

If you are dealing with poor church acoustics you will find that clear communication is near on impossible and it can really spoil the ambience and atmosphere of a place of worship.  For any type of religious building you want visitors to enjoy their time there in a warm, inviting and comfortable space. You do not want people struggling to hear any part of the service and feeling like they cannot wait to leave!  The solutions are good structural design and an acoustic treatment such as one of our SonaSpray ranges.

Church acoustics solutions with SonaSpray:
Oscar's acoustic decorative finishes enable designers to achieve minimalistic designs with clarity of sound.

  • Available in a range of colours
  • Fire rated to BS476 Class 1 to part 7 and Class 0 to part 6
  • Available in a range of finishes from textured to smooth
  • Lightweight; SonaSpray K13 at 25mm thick weighs 1.8kg/mtr2
  • The ideal asbestos replacement for maintaining perfect church building acoustics

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Church acoustics

Safe, recycled, natural, sound absorbing cellulose fibre
SonaSpray is manufactured from non-hazardous, recycled material and depending on the church acoustics requirements, is applied between 6mm and 100mm thick in one operation. 

SonaSpray achieves M1 certification for Building Materials emissions.  This is the best possible classification. Click here for certificate.

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Church Acoustics Installations

St. Thomas Church, Hanwell

St. Thomas Church, Hanwell

A recent major refurbishment to this grade II* listed building included improvement to the church acoustics. After research by acoustic consultants - Peninsular Acoustics - an acoustic coating of SonaSpray fc sound absorber in off white was proposed at 25mm thickness to control reflected noise from hard surfaces.

Manor Drive Methodist Church

Manor Drive Methodist Church

Following the removal of asbestos in the dome and vaults, the church acoustics deteriorated dramatically. Worshippers complained they were having difficulty in hearing and understanding services due to sound reflecting around the room, a common problem in large and hard walled buildings like churches. 

Completed church acoustic projects

Christian Community Chapel – FC over painted 3-colours

Holy Trinity Church Yorkshire – FC - White

Christ the King Church, Cork, Ireland – (Irish Heritage) – K-13 Special - Beige

St Lukes Church, Old Street, London – FC - Arctic White

St Teresa’s RC Church, Princes Risborough – FC - Arctic White

St Thomas the Apostle Church, Hanwell, London, (English Heritage) – FC - White

Gurdwara Temple, Southall – K-13 Special - White

St Nicholas Church, Undercroft – FC - Arctic White

Sheffield Buddhist Centre – K-13 - Dark Blue

Sheffield Buddhist Centre – K-13 - Off White

Methodist Church Southgate, London – K-13 Special - White

South Manchester Synagogue – FCX - Arctic White

St Michaels Church, Ashford, Middx – FC - Arctic White

Church of the Sacred Heart, Sheffield – FCX - Arctic White

Religious Meeting Place, Bakewell Friends Meeting House – FCX - Arctic White

Oxford Mosque – FC - Arctic White

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