Concert hall acoustics

Noise reduction insulation sprays for excellent concert hall acoustics

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Economical acoustic products for larger venues to achieve clarity of speech and music

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The acoustics of a concert hall can really make or break a great performance, so it’s essential that you get them right.  Concert hall acoustics require economical acoustic products due to the sheer size of the acoustic installation and we have the perfect solutions available with our SonaSpray range.

Benefits of using our SonaSpray K-13 for concert hall acoustics
  • A spray applied seamless one coat acoustic decorative finish
  • Easily applied to curved or flat surfaces
  • Reverberation noise reduction (echo reduction)
  • Rain noise reduction
  • Thermal noise reduction insulation and condensation control
  • A total system with in-built treatment for fire and mould resistance
  • Typically provides all the above features at lower installed prices than fixed panel systems

Concert hall acoustics

SonaSpray K-13 noise reduction insulation spray can be spray applied directly to most substrates including: 

Plasterboard, concrete, GRP, glass, steel and expanded polystyrene.  Domes, vaults, profiled, flat, corrugated and more.  In fact any shaped substrate can be sprayed with our economical SonaSpray K-13 noise reduction insulation spray.

  • Carbon neutral & low embodied energy
  • Good for the environment & recyclable
  • Recycled, safe natural cellulose fibre
Our full SonaSpray range has finishes from textured to plaster smooth

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Our other UK stadium acoustics projects include

O2 Arena, O2 Dome, Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium, Warner Bros. Film Studios & Harry Potter World - 80,000m2, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and much more.

If you need to improve the current acoustics of your concert hall, or you would like someone to come and inspect them, then we can help.  We have a wide range of sprays and colours available, so there is always a variation that is ideal for your individual situation.

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Concert hall acoustics Installations

House of Blues

House of Blues

We were contacted by The House of Blues concert hall wanting to know if our concert hall acoustic solutions would help them to keep excess noise levels and reverberation down.  We chose the colour black out of our wide range of available colours simply because it doesn’t reflect light, helping our client to also keep optimum control of the lighting and ambience whilst vastly improving their concert hall acoustics.

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SonaSpray K-13

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