Echo problem

Solving echo problems within building interiors with SonaSpray

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Echo problem (sound reverberation) within building interiors solved by the application of SonaSpray decorative acoustic ceiling finish

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Oscar Acoustics product range solve both types of noise problems commonly experienced in buildings: noise reverberation (echo) in rooms/spaces and noise transfer through ceilings, floors and walls.

For echo problems in buildings we recommend either our Sonapray spray-on acoustic decorative coatings or our Oscar Elite super smooth synthetic acoustic plaster.  

Our class leading product range include economical, guaranteed acoustic solutions based upon natural components and fire rated recycled materials.

Our echo problem solving range are:

  • Recyclable
  • Low embodied energy
  • Carbon neutral
  • Environmentall friendly

Echo problem solution

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Factory noise control artical written by D. Mack.

Echo problem Installations

Echo Problem - Emlyn Hughes House

Echo Problem - Emlyn Hughes House

Emlyn Hughes House is designed to provide drama both from the exterior and interior.  The Gateway Project was intended to represent the history of the town by resembling a submarine, construction of which is the towns primary industry.