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Acoustic plaster for restaurants

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Stylish noise control for restaurants with Oscar Elite exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster ceiling

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Acoustic treatment for restaurants

Noise control in restaurant

Our Oscar Elite exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster was spray applied to the ceiling in the stylish Holborn Dining room at the Rosewood Hotel, London.  This synthetic acoustic plaster ceiling spray absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels for perfect restaurant acoustics.

This acoustic plaster ceiling finish brings you brilliant acoustic results, giving clarity to speech and music without having to compromise on design in a stylish venue. The diners can now enjoy this relaxing, ambient space along with the staff who no longer have to battle with the uncomfortably high noise levels of the restaurant and kitchen.

Photo credit to the Rosewood Hotel & Beck Interiors.

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If you’re interested in us helping you to improve your restaurant acoustics then please contact us.  One of our expert team will survey your restaurant and will be a able make a decision on which of our acoustic products to use to help you improve your restaurant acoustics in the best way possible, without compromising on design or style.

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This project uses

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

Oscar Elite

An exceptionally smooth, flat acoustic plaster finish with the appearance of conventional plaster.

Acoustic plaster ideal for use in offices, hotels, receptions, luxury homes, restaurants and much more.


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