How to soundproof a ceiling

Soundproof ceiling

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How to install a soundproof ceiling by using our high performance, space saving Oscar Iso-Mount system

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This page shows how to install a soundproof ceiling by using our high performance, space saving Oscar Iso-Mount system.  A full isolated floating soundproof ceiling is now possible with as little 6mm ceiling height loss.  All the work can be done from the room below by a local builder or competent DIY person so your upstairs neighbours never need to know!

The Oscar Iso-Mount range has the following advantages:

  • Class leading acoustic performance
  • Achieves (better than), compliance with British building regs Document E
  • The Iso-Mount uses a standard clip-on steel channel that is widely available from several manufacturers
  • Easier and faster than installing products on the floor of the room above
  • Fast and simple clip together installation
  • Appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling once completed

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Oscar Iso-Mount review

“The whole transaction has been simple and easy.  I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference.  So much so that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above.  I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat.  Keep up the good work.”

Jim Hood 5 star review rating

Important safety information:

  • Only competent persons fully conversant with the use of personal protective equipment should carry out the floating ceiling installation.
  • Consult the manufacturers of the plaster board for fixtures to be fixed directly to the plasterboard.
  • Use fastenings as recommended by the plasterboard manufacturer.
  • Celbar loose fill void insulation (as recommended), is also an excellent thermal insulator.  Bring this to the attention of your qualified electrician who may have to allow for heavier cables and ventilation gaps around down lighters, (too be avoided if possible as this will allow sound through). 

This Project Uses

Oscar Iso-Mount - Type1

Oscar Iso-Mount - Type1

Acoustic hanger for timber joist ceilings

  • The minimum of ceiling height is lost: as little as 6mm (less than 1/4 inch)
  • All the work is done from the room below; no work is required to the floor above
Oscar Iso-Mount - Type2

Oscar Iso-Mount - Type2

Acoustic hanger for timber joist & concrete ceiling

  • Fixes under existing concrete & timber joist ceilings with just one fixing saving time & money
  • Extensions availabe for deeper voids