Asbestos Replacement

SonaSpray - the perfect safe asbestos replacement from Oscar Acoustics

SonaSpray is manufactured from non-hazardous recycled material and depending on a projects requirement is applied between 6mm and 100mm thick in one operation.

SonaSpray is:

  • Through coloured and available in a range of colours
  • Fire rated to BS476 Class 1 to part 7 and Class 0 to part 6
  • Available in a range of finishes from textured to smooth
  • Lightweight: SonaSpray K13 at 25mm thick weighs 1.8kg/mtr2
  • Thermal Insulation: 0.032 W/[mK]2

The ideal asbestos replacement

Many old buildings have asbestos coatings on the ceiling to control noise reverberation and give thermal acoustic insulation. When the decision is taken for specialist contractors to remove it, an asbestos replacement is needed.

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Example project

St. Thomas the apostle church, Hanwell, London

Asbestos Replacement

Asbestos Replacement

Asbestos Replacement

Asbestos Replacement

“This is Edward Maufe’s finest church”, a comment by Elain Harwood in her listing report to English Hertitage. 

A recent major refurbishment to this grade 11* listed building included the removal of asbestos from the Chancel, Nave and Sedilia followed by the installation of an asbestos replacement maintaining the flowing lines of the magnificent arches.

After research by acoustic consultants Peninsular Acoustics an acoustic decorative coating of SonaSpray fc in off white was proposed at

25mm thick as the asbestos replacement. The proposal was studied and approved by English Heritage.

Following the works Acoustic tests carried out by Peninsular Acoustics showed the required acoustic conditions had been achieved.


An attractive non-hazardous asbestos replacement with superb building acoustics properties.

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Asbestos replacement / substitute artical written by D. Mack.