Club Acoustics

Acoustic Decorative finishes for Clubs & Bars

Club Acoustics

To create the perfect night clubbing experience optimum club acoustics is paramount.  Without correct club acoustics, even the most expensively furnished club may not be an enjoyable place to spend an evening.  To achieve this one single application of Oscar Elite noise reduction insulationapplied to the ceiling or walls is often all that is required.

Oscar Elite appears as normal white or pastel coloured plaster but unlike plaster it absorbs sound instead of reflecting it into the room.

SonaSpray K-13 acoustic decorative finish in black is very popular for clubs and bars. When applied to ceilings SonaSpray K-13 black controls the club building acoustics, gives ideal conditions for lighting control and in a darkened space the height of the ceiling appears infinite.

 House of Blues, Chicago

The House of Blues is the brainchild of Isaac Tigrett, an entrepreneur who launched his successful career with the opening of the first Hard Rock Café in London at the age of twenty two.  His first House of Blues opened in Boston to an enthusiastic response and other clubs quickly followed. Chicago’s House of Blues however, captures the flavour of the city’s legendary blues status whilst introducing sophisticated sound, light and club acoustic technology for an exciting atmosphere.

The House of Blues features a large stage with elaborate sound and lighting and a restaurant. Balconies are detailed in gold leaf decorative plaster that change color with various lighting filters.  For perfect club acoustics, SonaSpray K-13 Black noise reduction insulation was sprayed to the concrete ceiling which rises more than 12 metres above the floor of the club. 

Club Acoustics

The area of ceiling sprayed is not flat, but more of a saddle shape.  The application of SonaSpray K-13 enabled the facility to maintain the integrity of the original structure and design.  The colour black was chosen because it doesn’t reflect light, this allows the client optimum control of the lighting in the venue.

In a musical performance venue, club acoustics are a critical concern. The House of Blues had an additional noise consideration because immediately above the club are twin towers of apartments. SonaSpray K-13 appealed to House of Blues designers because of the product’s own excellent performance in reducing acoustic reverberation and enhancing sound quality.
The results – Perfect Club building acoustics!

Club Acoustics article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.