Club Sound Proofing

Oscar Acoustics Solves Noise Problems at Gillingham F.C.

Preistfield Stadium & Conference Suite, Home of Gillingham F.C.

The architect specified that the club sound proofing to the new venue should be:

  • A pleasant environment without boom or noise reverberation where clarity of music, including heavy beat music can be enjoyed.
  • Sufficient club sound proofing that no cross talk between the ground floor Blues Bar and first floor function rooms.
  • Sufficient sound proofing that no cross talk to second floor offices from the rooms below.
  • Sufficient club sound proofing that noise levels in adjacent Redfern Avenue to the side of football ground are to remain at virtually ambient noise levels, so that local residents are not troubled by noise.

 Project architect, Mark Carter FRIBA, stated,

"the results are everything that was promised by Oscar Acoustics, absolutely outstanding!"

Club Sound Proofing

At Street level the conference suite features the 'Blues Bar'.  With music over 100dB(a), serious club soundproofing was needed to satisfy street noise limits and the function rooms above.

Club sound proofing for both ceiling and walls was installed jointly by the builder, (SonaCel), and Oscar Acoustics, (Celbar). 

Club soundproofing in the Blues Bar ceiling was better than -50dB with no noticeable noise in the function rooms.

Club soundproofing to the Blues bar Walls was better than -70dB with no noticeable noise in the street.

Club sound proofing was achieved with SonaCel and Celbar.  SonaCel stud frames were installed by the builder and finished with 2 x 12.5mm plasterboard, then a two man Oscar Acoustic's team filled in the ceiling and wall cavities with Celbar using specialist blowing machinery for dry filling closed cavities.

The Great Hall, Preistfield stadium

SonaCel acoustic barrier walls protect the neighbourhood from late night party noise. SonaCel dry lining to walls and ceilings achieves high performance at low mass ensuring that light weight steel structures and fast build principles can achieve high levels of noise insulation.

The local authority required noise breakout (including beat music) to be at street ambient noise levels.

Club Sound Proofing

The Piano Bar, adjoining the Great Hall

Club Sound Proofing

Club Sound Proofing

Club Sound Proofing Article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.