Concert Hall Acoustics

Concert Hall Acoustics Solved with SonaSpray

House of Blues

House of Blues

The House of Blues concert hall is the brainchild of Isaac Tigrett, an entrepreneur who launched his successful career with the opening of the first Hard Rock Café in London at the age of twenty two.  His first House of Blues concert hall opened in Boston to an enthusiastic response and other clubs quickly followed. Chicago’s House of Blues however, captures the flavour of the city’s legendary blues status whilst introducing sophisticated sound, light and club acoustic technology for an exciting atmosphere.

The House of Blues features a large stage with elaborate sound and lighting, the restaurant balconies are detailed in gold leaf decorative plaster that changes colour with various lighting filters.

Concert Hall Acoustics

SonaSpray K-13 noise reduction insulation in black was applied to control the concert hall acoustics as the acoustic decorative finish to the concrete ceiling which rises more than 12 metres above the floor of the club.

The ceiling is saddle shaped and K-13’s spray application enabled the facility to maintain the integrity of the original structure and design.  The colour was chosen because black, (range of colours available), doesn’t reflect light, this allows the client optimum control of the lighting.  SonaSpray K-13 was chosen from Oscar Acoustic's vast range of products for it's ability to be sprayed up to 125mm thick in one application; this enables the concert hall acoustics to be fine tuned to give the desired effect, even at low frequency.

For the House of Blues, concert hall acoustics weren't the only concern; they had an additional noise consideration because immediately above the club are twin towers of apartments.  SonaSpray K-13 also appealed to House of Blues designers because it reduced the amount of volume needed to give concert goers the same experience.

SonaSpray was also used to control concert hall acoustics around the stage area at the O2 Arena

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