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Office Acoustics

Decorative acoustic plaster and wall soundproofing for offices

BT - Office Acoustics

BT Groups, 19th Century Faraday Building in the City of London received a major refurbishment in 2005.  The main contractor was considering how to refurbish the old existing concrete soffit whilst solving the office acoustic issues.

With many people in one space trying to concentrate, it is important to ensure the office acoustics are correct.  Oscar Acoustics have the solution:

SonaSpray K-13 Special was applied by Oscars Acoustics expertly trained staff, directly onto the old concrete in a matter of days, transforming it visually and acoustically.  As SonaSprays seamless finish follows and accentuates the lines of the existing surface, the Faraday Building retained  it’s original character and ceiling height, something which cannot be achieved by installing suspended acoustics ceilings.

A full range of finishes was presented by Oscar acoustics, from textured to plaster smooth, accompanied by independent acoustic test data which was submitted to the acoustic installation project consultant for the purpose of acoustic calculations.

SonaSpray is installed in restaurants, receptions, designer homes, school rooms and sports halls, swimming pools, exhibition areas, in fact it can be installed in
any indoor space with a noise reverberation problem.  Domes, vaults, corrugated, profiled, coffered and flat substrates are not a problem.

English Heritage & Irish Heritage has approved SonaSpray for noise reverberation control in listed buildings.

The result: Perfect office acoustics!

Office Acoustics

Office Acoustics

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Examples of Office Installtions

British Gas, TVP, Reading – Office Reception  -  FC Arctic White

Birmingham City Council, Lancaster Circus – All offices  -  FC Arctic White

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – Feature meeting room ceiling  -  Oscar Elite White

The Climate Group, County Hall, London – Meeting & conference rooms  - K-13 Special White

Novartis Pharmaceutical’s – Meeting rooms  -  FCX Artic White

Ropemaker Street offices, London – Attrium  -  Oscar Elite White

Snow Hill offices, Birmingham – Attrium  -  Oscar Elite White / SonaSpray fcx

Victoria Street Offices, Bristol – Reception  -  Oscar Elite White

Queensway Office, Birmingham – Attriums & walk ways  -  FCX with Sonacoustic Finish

Emlyn Hughes House, Barrow-in-Furness – Offices  -  FC Arctic White

Forthglen Invenstments Ltd – Offices  -  K-13 Special lt. grey

Visitor Centre – Bristol  -  FC Arctic White

Melbourne Science Park – Reception, Offices  -  FC Arctic White

Anglia Television – Newsroom / Offices  -  FC Arctic White

CNN – Newsroom, London  -  K-13 Dark Silver Grey

International House, Ashford – Offices  -  Sonatherm

Old Bank of England Offices, Birmingham  -  FC Arctic White

Ordnance Survey, Exhibition Centre, Southampton  -  K-13 Black

Turner House, London  -  K-13 Special White

Bourne Salads, Lincolnshire – Offices  -  FC Arctic White

Atlantic House, London – Auditorium  -  K-13 Black

Leapfrog, Windsor – Offices  -  FC Arctic White

King Charles Street, Whitehall  -  Sonacel

Portman House, Reading  –  K-13 Special White

Energis, Reading  -  FC Arctic White

British Telecom, Faraday House, London  -  K-13 Special White

Royal Mail, Sunninghilll D.O. Ascot  -  FCX Arctic White

Oakhill House, Tonbridge  -  Oscar Elite CL

WhiteAgincourt Studio, Camden, London  -  FC Arctic White

Barrow Gateway  -  FC White

Corporate HQ Offices in Reading  -  FC Arctic White

Palace Exchange, Enfield – Offices/Auditoriuk  -  K-13 black

Tredomen Council Offices, Atrium  -  FC, Arctic White

Wates Interiors, Atrium/Offices  -  Oscar Elite White

Enterprise House, London  -  K-13 Light Grey

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