Restaurant Acoustics

Noisy Restaurants Quietened by Acoustic Decorative Finish.

A visually beautiful restaurant may not be a pleasurable place to spend time due to poor restaurant acoustics. Hard flat surfaces such as timber floors and plastered walls reflect sound thereby increasing and amplifying noise levels within the space. Poor restaurant acoustics distort and increase noise levels; for many this can spoil the dining experience. Our acoustic soundproofing will help to keep noise in your restaurant to a minimum.

Restaurant Acoustics

Black Tiles Restaurant

Following a refurbishment using fashionable hard materials, Black Tiles too suffered from poor restaurant acoustics.  Owner Tim Yoe contacted Oscar Acoustics and following a free acoustic appraisal  12mm of SonaSpray trowelled fcx was chosen as the acoustic decorative  wall and ceiling finish.

Restaurant Acoustics

“Simply Awesome!  It’s created a totally different dining environment. Speech and music are clear and all background clutter noise has gone.  The restaurant feels comfortable and somehow warmer.”

Comments from Black Tiles Restaurant owner Tim Yoe.

Black Tiles Restaurant, Black Tiles Lane, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Nr. Ipswich.

Restaurant Acoustics

21-22 Warwick Street, London

When designing Nopi, the owner Noam Bar had a clear vision: plaster smooth ceilings, painted brick and tiled walls, hard table tops and marble floors; poor restaurant acoustics were a certainly.

Whilst wanting Nopi customers to be able to have relaxed, effortless conversations, he also wanted the restaurant acoustics to retain an atmospheric buzz.  To achieve this, Oscar Acoustics was able to reduce the depth of the standard finish by half.

Items in favour of Oscar Elite over other systems were:

•    installed by fully trained Oscar operatives 
•    speed and ease of installation
•    ease of local repairs
•    application from mobile towers & not a birdcage scaffold
•    smooth finish
•    price

The result was exactly as stated in the brief. Clear and effortless speech whist retaining an atmospheric buzz.  

The owner has since expressed his delight with the restaurant acoustics and the appearance.

Restaurant Acoustics

Tapanco Restaurant, Wimbledon

SonaSpray fcx was applied to walls of the Wimbledon restaurant Tapanco, the colour finished with beige emulsion paint for an attractive decorative finish and a comfortable acoustic environment. For improved restaurant acoustics SonaSpray fcx is applied by experienced Oscar Acoustics installers, trained by  International Cellulose Corporation, using authorised equipment, fibres and adhesive.  SonaSpray acoustic  decorative finish can be used for any indoor space with a noise problem needing a sound absorber.

Oscar Acoustics has the solution to poor restaurant building acoustics.

Restaurant Acoustics article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.

Examples of Restaurant Acoustic Installations:

The Wolsely, London - FCX with Oscar Elite top coat

St. Pancras Grand, Euro Star Terminal – Dining area - Oscar Elite with Gold Leaf

Nopi Restaurant, Soho, London – Upstairs & downstairs dining areas - FCX with Oscar Elite top coat

Mews of Mayfair, London  – Upstairs restaurant - FC Artic White

Boundry St, London – Basement Restaurant - Oscar Elite painted in Blue

Grosvenor Square Restaurant, London - Oscar Elite White

Café Luc, Marylebone Street, London – Dining area - Oscar Elite painted

Saf, London - Restaurant & Bar - FCX White

Sutton Hall – Dining area - FCX White

Peterborough Leisure Centre - Theme Restaurant - K-13 Black

Greenwich, London - McDonalds Restaurant - FC Arctic White

Ordnance Survey Staff Restaurant, Southampton - K-13 White

Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College – Restaurant - FC Arctic White

Beechdown Club – Brasserie - FC Arctic White

Queenswell Infnants School – Dining area - FC Arctic White

El Torito Restaurant - Oscar Elite White

Brazz Restaurant, Cardiff Millennium Centre - Oscar Elite White

Black Tiles Restaurant, Ipswich - FCX White

Nobu Restaurant, London - Oscar Elite White

The Village Pub, Liverpool - Celbar

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