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Sports Hall Acoustics

The Complete Sports Hall Acoustics Solution

A revolutionary & truly impact resistant acoustic panel that can half reverb times & help save £35k on a sports hall acoustic package (option 1 below)

Oscar Acoustics is also able to provide free advice for sports hall acoustics.

Sports hall acoustics are typically reverberant due to a combination of large areas of hard block walls, corrugated steel ceilings and wood floors along with high ceilings. To control a sports halls acoustics, a large amount of acoustically absorptive material has to be applied around the hall. A spray-on material has a distinct advantage over acoustic panels in this situation.

Oscar Acoustics is a specialist in controlling sports hall acoustics.  Each project is taken as a completely separate case.  Prior to installation, acoustic measurements are taken and with purpose designed software, computers create a sports hall acoustic model.  This enables Oscar to calculate which areas require treatment to achieve the desired results.

Will treatment definitely work?   YES!

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Sports Hall Acoustic Solution 1 -  Ideal for both new build & retrofit

"Changing spec from standard acoustic wall panels at high level and replacing them with fewer Oscar Evo-Panels at low level in our sports hall as well as changing the perforated metal deck spec to plain galvanised metal deck treated with SonaSpray K-13 has saved us a fortune & time in the programme.  Everyone has commented on how quiet the sports hall is now.

The school actually uses them as part of kick boxing lessons"

5 star review rating    A large well known Main Contractor

Testing showed that this 800m2 sports hall (pictured below left in blue) achieved a Tmf of 1.05 seconds (in-house testing)

The traditional method of using perforated metal deck for sports halls acoustic can work out much more expensive than it would seem due to a massively increased installation time compared to standard profile deck.  The extra cost of the installation combined with the increased site time can work out expensive & inconvenient.  In replacing the perforated deck system with a standard galvanised profile deck, the building is weather tight faster allowing internal works to begin.

SonaSpray K-13 (our most economical spray applied finish of 5) is applied directly the profiled deck to a calculated depth.  Oscar Evo-Panels are then installed at low level, just above 5-a-side foot rules height.  In positioning this unique impact resistant acoustic panel at low level means that low level sound flutter is eliminated; something that traditional acoustic panel systems cannot do in a sports halls due to risk of damage and is a real issue.  The sports hall acoustic results are dramatically improved by installing panels at this level.  See more information on the Oscar Evo-Panel™ below or click to see the main web page. 

The best part is that in positioning them at this level means that 35% less panels are required and installation for an 800m2 sports hall can be done in one day by untrained people instead of 1.5-2 weeks with standard panels for trained installers, hence huge savings!

There is also a health and safety benifit with the Evo-Panels providing protect against injuries against walls during sport.

Oscar Evo-Panel sports hall acoustic panel at a glace:
  • Solves the sports hall acoustics issue
  • Improves clarity of speech
  • Reduces overall noise levels within the sports hall
  • 35% less acoustic wall panels required compared to conventional high level panels saving time & money.
  • Class A sound absorber
  • Acoustic treatment at low level where most needed in sports halls
  • Impact resistant sports hall acoustics wall panel design
  • Kinder on impact than a wall with soft cushioned filling
  • Sport England specification compliant
  • Stylish in a range of customisable colours
  • Each can be removed & replaced within 20 seconds
  • Class 0 to BS476 Part 6 fire rated

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Sports Hall Acoustics

Oscar Evo-Panel

Sports Hall Acoustic Solution 2 -  Ideal for new build

Pictured above: Central Sussex College, Haywards Heath

Once again the use of SonaSpray K-13 would be used applied directly onto standard non-perforated metal deck, (see above). At lower level, UK size EchoCheck acoustic blocks would be used as part of the construction in place of standard blocks. EchoCheck acoustic blocks are fire resistant, load bearing and virtually maintenance free; they withstand frequent impact and quietly do their job for the life of a building.

At Central Sussex College, shown right, 16mm of SonaSpray K-13 in white was applied to the roof deck and EchoCheck acoustic blocks at low level. The space was tested at a Tmf of 1.6 seconds (in-house testing); well within BB93 sports hall acoustics requirements.

EchoCheck acoustic block applications: Sports halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, public halls and lecture theatres. Also, Loading bays, Anaerobic digesters, plant rooms, factories, external road and railway/road sound barriers.

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Oscar Acoustics has a range of products to suit most acoustic projects, with attractive Spray applied acoustic decorative finishes from textured to plaster smooth, plus a range of Sound Blocks and attractive acoustic panels, including the new cutting edge sports hall acoustic panel, Oscar Evo-PanelSoundproofing products to prevent noise transfer between rooms through walls and floors are also available

Oscar has the answer to perfect sports hall acoustics!

For more information or to Request a brochure on Sports Hall Acoustics, call us on 01474 854902 or use our Enquiry Form

Examples of Sports Hall Acoustic Installtions

Sports Hall Acoustics article by D.Mack

Oscar has the answer to perfect sports hall acoustics!

Examples of Sports Hall acoustic Installations:

Kings Hill School – new building – FC Arctic White

Colfox School – Gymnasium – K-13 Grey

Whitely Primary School – Gymnasium – FC Arctic White

Newham College – Main Hall – FC Arctic White

Newhall College, Cambridge –dining hall – FC Arctic White

Lady Ellenor Holles School – Sports Hall – K-13 Arctic White

The Mall School – dining hall – FC Arctic White

North Cumbria Technical College, Carlisle  – Sports Hall – K13 Lt. Grey

Moat School – Classrooms and main hall – FC Arctic White

Northampton School for Girls – Performing Arts Studio & Main hall – K-13 Lt.Grey/K13

North Herts College, Stevenage – FC Arctic White

Rickling School, Essex – FC Arctic White

Meadowside Primary School – Main Hall – FC Arctic White

Milestone School, Kent – Classroom, drama hall – FC Arctic White

Milestone School, Kent – Classroom, drama hall – K-13 Special White

Peartree Spring Junior School, Herts – Main sports hall – K-13 White

BRIT School of Performing Arts, Croydon – FC Arctic White

St Josephs RC School, Port Talbot – New sports hall – K-13 Beige

Queenswell Infants School – Main sports hall – FC Arctic White

Maple Tree School –main sport hall – K-13 White

Maple Tree School – Gymnasium sports hall – FC Arctic

Cambridge University, Lecture Theatre, Dept of Chemistry – K-13 Light Grey

Eastbury Comprehensive School – K-13 Special white

Stoke on Trent College, Burslam – K-13 Special White

Lamberburst Primary School, Kent – FC Arctic White

Eltham Primary School, Kent – K-13 Special white

Elliott Secondary School, London – FC Arctic White

Ilfracombe College, Ilfracombe – K-13 Special White

Ecclesfield School, Sheffield – K-13 Special White

Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth, Theatre Hall & dining – K-13 Black

Fulham Prep School, Fulham – FCX White

Millfield Community School sports hall – FC Arctic White

Star Lane Primary School, Canning Town, London – FC Arctic White

Stoke Newington School, London – FC Arctic White

Salisbury School, London – FC Arctic White

St Nicholas & Trinity Schools, Radstock – K-13 Special White

Timbercroft Primary School, Plumstead, London – FC Arctic White

Ilford County High School for Boys – K-13 White

Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs – FC Arctic White

Low Hill Nursery, Wolverhampton – K-13 Special, White

Paddington Green School, London, Classrooms & sports Hall – FCX, Arctic White

De Montfort University, Leicester City Centre, Performance space – K-13 Black

Avon Valley School, Rugby – FC Arctic White

Avon Valley School, Rugby – K-13 black

King Ethelbert School – SoundBlox

Kingswood Primary School – K-13 Special, White

Sevenoaks Prep School – K-13 Special to hall & Stage

Temple Speech Room at Rugby School – FCX White

King Edmunds Community School – K-13 Special light grey

Rooks Heath High School, Harrow – K-13 Special, White

Furness School, Hextable, Swanley – Sonacel/Celbar

Churchers College Sports Hall – K-13 Blue

King Ethelberts School, Birchington – K-13 Green

Ellen Wilkinson School, London – K-13 Special, White

Tany’s Dell School, Harlow     – K-13 beige

Woodlands Primary School, Gillingham – Arts & Drama Hall – K-13 White & Sonacel

Reading University – FC Arctic White

Fulston Manor School, Millennium sports Hall – K-13 Special White

Highgate & Blanche Neville School, Sumner Centre, Gymnasium – K13 Special White

Tiverton School, Coventry –Main sports Hall – K-13 Special White

Chiddingly School – K-13 Beige

Catherine Wayte Primary School – K-13 Special White

Vale of Ancholme Technology School – Sonacel & Celbar

Clore Tikva School – K-13 Special White

Ecclesfield School – K-13 Special White

King Edward VII Lower School – K-13 Special White

Bourton on the Water Primary School – K-13 Special White

Shevington High School – FC Arctic White

Tower Hamlets College – FC Arctic White

Dagenham Infants & William Ford School – FC Arctic White

Fawkham Primary School – K-13 Special White

Hernhill School – K-13 special White

Stoke Newington School – FC Arctic White

The Brit School, Croydon – K-13 White

Frith Manor Primary School, London – FC Arctic White         

Wells Blue School, Wells, Somerset  – K-13 Special White

Westminster University, Harrow – Soundblox,

Westminster University, Harrow – K-13 Black and

Westminster University, Harrow – FC Arctic White

Downing College, Cambridge – Oscar Elite, White         

Leicester Performing  Arts Centre – K-13 Black

Covent Garden Dance Studio – FC Arctic White

Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith –FC Arctic White

Odeon, Romford – Nightclub – K-13 Black

Clean Break Dance Studio  – FC Arctic White

Abrahams & Carlisle – Live Music Venue – FC Beige

Ealing Film Studios – Two Studios – K-13 Black

Wembley Stadium – Prior to Bee-Gees Concert – FC Arctic White

Bridgend Swimming Pool – K-13 White

Millennium Dome, London - Heart Room of the Body Zone – K-13 Blood Red

Ditto, Local Planet Zone – K-13 Black

Birmingham Nightclub – K-13 Black

RAF Base - Bowling Alley, Newcastle Upon Tyne – FC White & K13 Grey

Holmes Place, Kensington - Swimming Pool – FC Arctic White

Holmes Place, Nottingham - Swimming Pool – FC Arctic White

Holmes Place, Farnborough – Swimming Pool – FC Arctic White

Bristol Planetarium – K-13 Black

Atherton Leisure Centre – Swimming Pool – K-13 Red

National Space Science Centre – Planetarium – K-13 Black

Mivan, ‘Printworks’ - Entertainment Complex Manchester – FC Arctic White

Mivan, ‘Printworks’ - Entertainment Complex Manchester – K-13 Black

Lakeside Hotel, Cumbria - Swimming Pool – K-13 Arctic White K-13 Black

Gillingham Football Club – Entertainment Centre – K-13 Black/Sonacel

Porton Rovers FC – Football club – FC Arctic White

Cinema, Buitlh Wells, Wales – K13 Lt.grey/Dark grey/ Black

Cannons – Health Club, Warwick – K13 Beige

Harley Street Swimming Pool – FC white

Park Portfolio, Leicester, The ‘Showrooms’ Bar – Sonacel

Stanley Casino, Reading – Dining Area – FC Arctic White

Curzon Cinema, London – K-13 Blue

The Drum Theatre, Birmingham – K-13 Light Grey,

The Drum Theatre, Birmingham – K-13 Special White,

Studio Theatre, Salisbury – K-13 special Midnight Blue

Studio Theatre, Salisbury – K-13 White

Towcester Leisure Centre, Northampton – Celbar

Life Science Centre, Newcastle – K-13 Black

Burnley Leisure Centre Swimming Pool – K-13 Special White

Hollington House, Newbury, Badminton Hall walls – FCX Arctic White

Royal Observatory, Planetarium, Greenwich, London – K-13 Black

Leeds University Student Bar – K-13 Black

Hothorpe Hall, Nottingham – FC Arctic White

Hippodrome Cinema, Bo’ness – FC Arctic White

Woking Galleries – Oscar Elite White

O2 Dome Greenwich – K-13 Special in Ivory White

O2 Dome Greenwich – K-13 Special Nobel Dk. Grey

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 Oscar Acoustics is also able to provide free advice for sports hall acoustics.

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