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SonaSpray K-13 for stylish reverberation control within offices and breakout areas

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Office Acoustics Acoustic Spray

Office Acoustics Acoustic Plaster

Office acoustics treatment - Investec

International Specialist Banking and Asset Management Group offices in the City of London received an office refurbishment in 2018. The fit out & refurbishment experts - We Are BW, were considering how to preserve the existing rib deck ceilings with beams throughout whilst solving the current office acoustics issues. 

With many people in one busy office space trying to concentrate, it is important to ensure the office acoustics are perfect. Oscar Acoustics have the ideal solution for soundproofing in offices.

SonaSpray K-13 was applied by Oscars Acoustics expertly trained staff, directly onto the rib deck and beams in mid-grey, transforming it visually and acoustically to create a perfect ambience for an exciting and busy work space. As SonaSprays seamless finish follows and accentuates the lines of the existing surface, the building retained it’s original character and ceiling height, something which cannot be achieved by installing suspended acoustics ceilings.

A full range of finishes were presented by Oscar acoustics, from textured to plaster smooth, accompanied by independent acoustic test data which was submitted to the acoustic installation project consultant for the purpose of the office acoustics calculations.

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Office Acoustics

Office Acoustics

This Project Uses

SonaSpray K-13

SonaSpray K-13

A deliberately industrial, coarsely textured, seamless spray applied acoustic finish, available in standard and custom colours.

Ideal for use in offices, public spaces, stadia, sports halls, auditoria, stadiums, night clubs/bars, factories, warehouses etc.


20 Farringdon Street | 10 Bloomsbury Way | Investec | One New Bailey, Manchester | YRM Architects’ Studio, Kings Cross, London

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