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Sports hall acoustic treatments for the control of noise reverberation (echo)

Acoustic decorative finish

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Acoustic solutions for sports halls

Sports hall acoustics

We understand that each project is different and for King Ethelbert School in Kent, acoustic measurements were taken and with purpose designed software, an acoustic computer model of the sports hall was created.  This enabled us to calculate which areas required treatment to achieve the desired school and sports hall acoustics.  The sheer size of the project, determined that acoustic treatment not only had to be applied to the ceiling in certain areas but due to the height of the ceiling, the walls also needed treatment to prevent sound polarisation.

Two very different acoustic products were used to control the school acoustics:

  • SonaSpray K-13 acoustic decorative finish in white was applied to the centre area of the corrugated steel ceiling, SonaSpray K-13 in green was applied to the upper section of the steel clad walls, and SoundBlox were used at low level.

  • SoundBlox building acoustic sound blocks are the perfect product for controlling school sports hall acoustics at low frequency.  They absorb both direct and reflected sound by using Helmholtz resonator principles.

The selection of SoundBlox along with the use of absorptive cavity fillers for high frequency attenuation enabled Oscar Acoustics to adjust absorption characteristics to suit the requirement.  They are also designed to be laid along with standard masonry blocks and can create complete walls or attractive contrasting panel effects.

Once installed, SoundBlox are resistant to impact damage and require virtually no maintenance.


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This project uses

SonaSpray K-13 ceiling acoustic spray

SonaSpray K-13 acoustic spray

A deliberately industrial, coarsely textured, seamless spray applied acoustic finish, available in standard and custom colours.

Noise reduction insulation ideal for use in offices, public spaces, stadia, sports halls, auditoria, stadiums, night clubs/bars, factories, warehouses etc.

SoundBlox | Acoustic Masonry Building Blocks


Euro size acoustic masonry building blocks with class leading acoustic absorption. 

Ideal for use in sports halls, factories, swimming pools, plant rooms, road / rail barriers, gymnasiums, public halls, lecture theatres, loading bays, anaerobic digesters, plant rooms, factories, external road / railway, road sound barriers, bus stations, train stations and road / rail tunnels.


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