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The ultimate space saving noise reduction ceiling system

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We have the solution for properties with poor noise reduction between floors:  Oscar Iso-Mounts

A rigid structure of floorboards joists and ceiling boards all screwed together transmits noise as vibration between floors.  Packing an absorptive material in the voids between joists will give some benefit but an effective noise reduction ceiling also works by isolation - it is not connected rigidly to the floor above so that the path of vibration and therefore the sound path is broken.

Prior to the current Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document E, ‘Resistance to the passage of sound’ the issue of noise reduction through floors and ceilings did not have such high priority.  The principle of achieving high noise reduction by isolating ceilings from floors to prevent noise transfer by vibration is well proven and due to the 'Approved Document E of the Building Regulations 2010,' it is now widely practiced in construction.

Oscar Iso-Mount

Many properties benefit from our noise reduction ceilings
Oscar Iso-Mount noise reduction ceiling mounts, isolate the ceiling boards from the joists, thereby drastically reducing the amount of noise generated vibration that is transferred from the floor above.  The vibration energy dissipates within the Oscar Iso-Mount.  This principle of isolation is fundamental to the success of noise reduction ceilings.

Oscar Iso-Mounts address some competitors shortfalls
  • Oscar Iso-Mounts are fixed to the sides of the timber joists therefore they can be fixed high, achieving the absolute minimum of just a few millimetres in ceiling height loss but enough to prevent noise transmitting through the floor/ceiling as vibration.
  • The Iso-Mount noise reduction ceiling is all installed from the room below so there is no need to enter the premises above.
  • Independent acoustic tests of actual ‘on site’ installations demonstrate that the recently introduced and stringent Building Regulations Part E have been easily exceeded without the need to lay noise reduction treatments on or under the floor above.

We studied the shortfalls of systems already available and designed and produced a more effective product for installation by builders and competent DIY people with excellent results.

Oscar Iso-Mount review

“The whole transaction has been simple and easy. I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference. So much so that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above. I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat. Keep up the good work.”

Jim Hood 
5 star review rating

Oscar Iso-Mount Type2 - soundproofing of concrete and timber ceilings

The Iso-Mount Type2 can fix under existing ceilings without disruption, directly or with extensions for 50mm to over 1 metre voids for acoustic/thermal insulation and services.

Screw direct to concrete using just 1 concrete screw per hanger
into plasterboard using 1 screw fixing into the timber joist per hanger

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Oscar Iso-Mount - Type2

Oscar Iso-Mount - Type2

Acoustic hanger for timber joist & concrete ceiling

  • Fixes under existing concrete & timber joist ceilings with just one fixing saving time & money
  • Extensions available for deeper voids
Oscar Iso-Mount - Type1

Oscar Iso-Mount - Type1

Acoustic hanger for timber joist ceilings

  • The minimum of ceiling height is lost: as little as 6mm (less than 1/4 inch)
  • All the work is done from the room below; no work is required to the floor above
Celbar - recycled sound insulation

Celbar - recycled sound insulation

Celbar is recycled environmentally friendly acoustic and thermal cavity/void fill sound insulation made from paper based materials treated for fire retardancy.  Tests have shown that when packed together, this natural, recycled cellulose insulation material is acoustically and thermally more effective than man-made mineral wool.