Sports hall acoustics

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Complete sports hall acoustic solutions for noise reverberation control

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Sports hall acoustics are typically reverberant due to a combination of large areas of hard block walls, high corrugated steel ceilings and wooden floors.  To control a sports halls acoustics, a large amount of acoustically absorptive material has to be applied around the hall.  A spray-on acoustic material has a distinct advantage over acoustic wall panels in this situation and our environmentally friendly SonaSpray is the perfect solution for sports hall noise control.

We are specialists in controlling sports hall acoustics and each project is taken as a completely separate case.  Prior to installation of our SonaSpray acoustic decorative finishes, acoustic measurements are taken and with purpose designed software computers we create a sports hall acoustic model.  This enables us to calculate which areas require treatment to achieve the desired results.  We are also available to provide free advice for sports hall acoustics.  

Will treatment definitely work?  YES!  Listen to hear the amazing results.

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Solution 1 (ideal for new builds and retrofits)

SonaSpray K-13 with Oscar Evo-Panels

Our SonaSpray K-13 combined with our revolutionary, impact resistant Evo-Panel, acoustic wall panels can half reverberation times and help save up to £35k on a sports hall acoustic package.

The traditional method of using perforated metal deck for sports halls acoustics can work out much more expensive than it would seem due to a dramatically increased installation time compared to standard profile deck.  The extra cost of the installation combined with the increased site time can work out expensive and inconvenient to fit in with school term times.  By replacing the perforated deck system with a standard galvanised profile deck, the building is made weather tight faster, allowing internal works to begin.

Pictured: SonaSpray K-13 combined with Oscar Evo-Panels installed at low level for ultimate sports hall noise control.

Sports hall acoustics

Installation process

SonaSpray K-13 (our most economical spray applied finish of a range of 5) is applied directly to the profiled deck to a calculated depth. 

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Oscar Evo-Panels acoustic wall panels are then installed at low level, just above 5-a-side foot rules height.  In positioning this unique, impact resistant acoustic panel at low level means that low level sound flutter is eliminated.  

Traditional acoustic wall panel systems cannot do this in sports halls due to risk of damage which can be a real problem.  The sports hall acoustics results are dramatically improved by installing our Oscar Evo-panels acoustic wall panels at this low level height.  

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Huge savings with 35% less acoustic wall panels required

Positioning Evo-Panels at low level means that 35% less panels are required and installation for an 800m2 sports hall can be done in one day by untrained people instead of 1.5 - 2 weeks with standard panels for trained installers.  There is also a health and safety benefit with the Evo-Panels as they provide prevention of injuries from impact against walls during sport.

Testing showed that this 800m2 sports hall (pictured below left in blue) achieved a Tmf of 1.05 seconds (in-house testing):


"Changing spec from standard acoustic wall panels at high level and replacing them with fewer Oscar Evo-Panels at low level in our sports hall as well as changing the perforated metal deck spec to plain galvanised metal deck treated with SonaSpray K-13 has saved us a fortune & valuable time in the programme.  Everyone has commented on how quiet the sports hall is now.

The school actually now uses them as part of kick boxing lessons!"

Willmott Dixon
5 star review rating  


Evo-Panel for sports hall acoustics

  • Solves issues with sports hall acoustics
  • Improves clarity of speech
  • Reduces overall noise levels within the sports hall
  • 35% less acoustic wall panels required compared to conventional high level panels saving time & money
  • Class A sound absorber
  • Acoustic treatment at low level where it is most needed in sports halls
  • Impact resistant sports hall acoustics wall panel design
  • Kinder on impact than a wall with its soft cushioned filling
  • Sport England specification compliant
  • Stylish in a range of customisable colours to suit your specific project
  • Each can be removed & replaced within 20 seconds
  • Class 0 to BS476 Part 6 fire rated

Sports Hall Acoustics

Oscar Evo-Panel

Solution 2 for sports hall acoustics (ideal for new builds)

Echo Check

Pictured above: Central Sussex College, Haywards Heath

Once again the use of SonaSpray K-13 would be used applied directly onto standard non-perforated metal deck.  At lower level, UK size Echocheck acoustic blocks would be used as part of the construction in place of standard blocks.  Echocheck acoustic blocks are fire resistant, load bearing and virtually maintenance free; they withstand frequent impact and quietly do their job for the life of a building.

At Central Sussex College (shown left) 16mm of SonaSpray K-13 in white was applied to the roof deck and Echocheck acoustic blocks at low level.  The space was tested at a Tmf of 1.6 seconds (in-house testing); well within BB93 sports hall acoustics requirements.

Echocheck acoustic block applications: sports halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, public halls and lecture theatres.  Also, loading bays, anaerobic digesters, plant rooms, factories, external road and railway/road sound barriers.

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