Stadium Acoustics

Decorative acoustic finish controls Stadium Acoustics

The incredible sound of a roaring crowd plays a huge part in the excitement and buzz of attending a live music or sporting event. A noisy, enthusiastic and engaged audience makes for a exhilariting experience for fans and the performers alike. The stadium acoustics are fundamental to the success of these huge events.

Stadium acoustics due to the sheer size of the acoustic installation require economical acoustic products and we have the perfect solutions with our SonaSpray range.

When recently applying SonaSpray K-13 to a world famous film studios and visitor attraction, Oscar Acoustics were applying thousands of square meters a week.  50,000m2 has now been applied in the pre-coloured recycled acoustic decorative finish to control reverberation and reduce rain noise.

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Stadium Acoustics Installations

Dome & O2 Arena, Greenwich, London

Dome & O2 Arena, Greenwich, London

When The Millennium Dome made the change into the O2 Dome, there was a need once again for acoustic ceiling and wall treatment in some of the main public areas. Oscar Acoustics were already familiar with the Millennium Dome, having undertaken three separate projects for the original exhibition before.

Bournemouth International Centre

Bournemouth International Centre

During the refurbishment of The Windsor Hall, improved stadium acoustics was a major requirement. The acoustic consultants specified SonaSpray K-13 acoustic decorative finish to be sprayed across the profiled steel soffit at 16mm thick and in black; the ceiling appears to be endless and invisible above the down lights.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

During 2000, following the repositioning of the main stage at the original Wembley Stadium, concert goers complained to the management about poor stadium acoustics spoiling their enjoyment of the concert.

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Other UK projects include:

  • O2 Arena
  • O2 Dome
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Warner Bros. Film Studios & Harry Potter World - 50,000m2
  • Ealing Film Studios
  • Theatre Royal Plymouth
  • Olympic Aquatic Centre
  • Tate Modern
  • Greenwich Royal Observatory

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Acoustic DATA:

SonaSpray K-13 can be tailored to meet your specific project acoustic need. There is a choice of finish, you may select texture and colour and acoustic performance. SonaSpray K-13 can be applied at variable thickness and variable areas to provide a designed acoustic ambience. It is spray applied to the full thickness in one application.

Stadium Acoustics article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.

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