University of Leicester

The large, open plan design of Leicester University’s new Student Union building meant that in order for it to be fit for purpose, i.e. a relaxing space to meet socialise and study, some kind of sound absorber was going to be needed.  Options were limited due to the half glazed and half curved feature sail design of the ceiling.

SonaSpray fc was specified for its high absorption, 80% light reflectivity (brightening the space) and ability to follow the lines of the existing surface with a seamless finish, retaining the original exciting design features.

This sound absorber was applied directly onto plasterboard for main contractor,  Morgan Sindall in the main atrium to the feature curved sails and at low level above the surrounding balconies.  SonaSpray’s ability to follow the exact lines of the existing surface, meant there was no need to compromise on design.

What would ordinarily be an extremely noisy, reverberant space is now a light and calm space in which it is a pleasure to spend time.

This Project Uses

SonaSpray fc

SonaSpray fc

An attractive, spray applied, lightly textured, seamless acoustic finish.

Ideal for use in offices, swimming pools, public spaces, classrooms, restaurants etc.

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