Wembley Stadium

During 2000, following the repositioning of the main stage at the original Wembley Stadium, concert goers complained to the management about poor stadium acoustics spoiling their enjoyment of the concert.

After extensive tests by an acoustic consultant, is was found that sound was reflecting off a 1.5m high wall that ran the perimeter of the stadium above the lower tear of seating. 

Oscar Acoustics were contacted to apply 12mm of SonaSpray fc acoustic decorative finish to the face of the wall to correct the stadium acoustics. The work was completed in just one week, causing minimum disruption to the tight entertainment schedule. During this time, stadium tours were able to continue.
At the following Bee Gee’s concert, it was clear to hear that SonaSpray had economically corrected the problem of reflected sound from the wall.

Wembley Stadium | Stadium Acoustics

This Project Uses

SonaSpray fc

SonaSpray fc

An attractive, spray applied, lightly textured, seamless acoustic finish.

Ideal for use in offices, swimming pools, public spaces, classrooms, restaurants etc.

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