Acoustic decorative finishes

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We have the most extensive ranges of recycled, seamless, acoustic decorative finishes for reverberation control in buildings, offering superb acoustics without compromising on design.

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

An exceptionally smooth, flat acoustic plaster finish with the appearance of conventional plaster.

Acoustic plaster ideal for use in offices, hotels, receptions, luxury homes, restaurants and much more.

SonaSpray fcx acoustic plaster

SonaSpray fcx acoustic plaster

Sprayed & trowelled, flat acoustic finish with an attractive, lightly pitted, seamless surface.

Ideal for use in offices, homes, swimming pools, public places, classrooms, restaurants etc.

SonaSpray fc sound absorbing acoustic spray

SonaSpray fc sound absorbing spray

An attractive, spray applied, lightly textured, seamless acoustic finish.

Ideal for use in offices, swimming pools, public spaces, classrooms, restaurants etc.

SonaSpray K-13 Special acoustic spray

SonaSpray K-13 Special acoustic spray

An attractive, seamless, spray applied acoustic finish with a medium texture available in standard and custom colours.

Acoustic ceiling spray ideal for use in offices, sports halls, public spaces, auditoria, classrooms, theatres etc.

SonaSpray K-13 ceiling acoustic spray

SonaSpray K-13 acoustic spray

A deliberately industrial, coarsely textured, seamless spray applied acoustic finish, available in standard and custom colours.

Noise reduction insulation ideal for use in offices, public spaces, stadia, sports halls, auditoria, stadiums, night clubs/bars, factories, warehouses etc.

Oscar Evo-Panel Acoustic Wall Panels

Oscar Evo-Panel

A new breed of acoustic panels designed specifically for high impact areas.

Ideal for use at low or high level in sports halls, gymnasiums, dining halls etc.

Acoustic Building Blocks

Acoustic building blocks

Acoustic masonry building blocks with class leading acoustic absorption. 

Ideal for use in sports halls, factories, pools, plant rooms, road/rail barriers and much more!

SonaPanels Acoustic Panels


A range of quality acoustic panels available in styles and colour to suit. 

Ideal for use in halls, classrooms, offices, theatres, recording studios etc.

Oscar SoundFins Acoustic Fins

Acoustic fins

A range of quality acoustic fins available in sizes and colours to suit. 

Ideal for use in atria, dining halls or spaces with limited space for absorption.

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