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Recycled Insulation

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For the ultimate soundproofing solution, use in conjunction with the Oscar Iso-Mount space saving acoustic hanger.

Recycled insulation

Celbar cavity fill insulation is a blend of recycled specially prepared cellulose fibres, organic in nature and treated to make it fire retardant.  Tests have shown that when packed together, this natural cellulose insulation material is acoustically and thermally more effective than man-made mineral wool.

Acoustic insulation

Typically used as the cavity filler in walls or between floors either in conventional rigid construction or in isolated systems e.g. SonaCel for higher performance (see SonaCel product page).

Celbar cavity fill insulation can either be sprayed into the cavity before the void is closed OR where a void is already closed it is blown by hose through holes to improve the acoustic insulation of walls and/or ceilings.  When two layers of plasterboard are used, the Celbar cavity fill insulation is blown in before the second layer is fitted.

Superior sound transfer control

Celbar cavity fill insulation provides superior sound transfer control demanded by designers, owners & occupants.

Older properties with ornate ceilings benefit with Celbar cavity fill insulation blown into the ceiling void reducing noise from rooms above.  It is blown into the void through small holes cut into flat areas of the ceiling and repaired afterwards or if major refurbishment is taking place it is filled from above by lifting floorboards.

Acoustic performance guide filling floor void space, typical overall improvement better than - 9dB

A simple wall construction of 63mm thick metal studs lined with 12mm plasterboard on each side was tested:
[a] with no sound control material used - Result 31 STC
[b] with mineral wool sound barrier batt - Result 33 STC
[c] with 38mm of sprayed Celbar - Result 49 STC


  • Party walls 
  • Between floors & around plumbing
  • Silencing water noise
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Restaurants, pubs & entertainment
  • Offices

Holiday Inn, Sheraton and Intercontinental Hotels use Celbar cellulose insulation to ensure client comfort.

Thermal insulation

Consider a wooden rod versus a glass rod over a heat source.  The glass rod conducts heat readily, the wooden rod doesn't.  Traditional mineral wool insulation is a mass of small glass rods, additional insulating power is lost when it is compressed and it is umcomfortable to work with.

Thermal performance guide filling floor void space, typical < U = 0.25 W/m2K.

Lofts are insulated quickly and efficiently with Celbar cavity insulation.

Health & safety

There are no known serious risks to health associated with Celbar recycled acoustic therma insulation.  It is non-carcinogenic and any small release of fibre during installation or subsequent maintenance work is not hazardous or considered a ‘Health and Safety’ risk.  Celbar cavity fill insulation is not subject to legislation applicable to mineral or vitrified fibre. As an added bonus, Celbar cavity fill insulation is non-itchy!

A green product

The fibre is organic cellulose derived entirely from recycled macerated paper and treated with a borax compound to protect against fungus, insects and rodents.  It also has fire protection built in. Celbar cavity fill insulation has excellent thermal resistance and provides a high degree of thermal insulation. Recycled material and a low manufacturing energy requirement combine to produce probably the most environmentally friendly material used in building construction, low CO2.

Low embodied energy, good for environment and recyclable

Naturally safe recycled cellulose fibre.  Reconstruction of a building may necessitate removal of Celbar cavity fill insulation fibre. It can be recycled or disposed of as a non-special waste to landfill. Your local authority waste disposal will give advice on recycling. 

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Celbar is manufactured by ICC, Houston, Tx 
ISO 9001: 2000 certification

Celbar - Recycled Insulation Technical Specification

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