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Oscar Elite smooth synthetic acoustic plaster finish with the appearance of conventional painted plaster

Acoustic plaster office acoustics

Unlike traditional plaster, this synthetic acoustic plaster absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels, giving all important clarity to speech and music.

A beautiful room with simple surfaces such as feature wood floors and plain flat walls will be visually appealing but may not be the most pleasurable place to spend time due to poor acoustics.

The same visual impact combined with a sympathetic and relaxing acoustic ambience is possible with Oscar Elite synthetic acoustic plaster spray applied to create an acoustic ceiling and control noise reverberation.

Architects and interior designers who incorporate Oscar Elite acoustic plaster into their designs can achieve spatial design with hard smooth surfaces without compromising the acoustic ambience.

This was the case with the Holland Park Grand Designs house in London.  During refurbishment, Oscar Elite acoustic plaster was applied to the ceiling and inside of the lightwell, resulting in superb acoustics without compromising the beautiful, flat and smooth surfaces.

Click HERE to read the full Grand Designs story

  • Oscar Elite acoustic plaster can be directly applied to most substrates such as wood, gypsum board, concrete etc.

  • Oscar Elite acoustic spray plaster installations are applied at 27mm thick; the area is dependent on the acoustical requirements of the project.  An air gap is introduced to achieve high absorption at low frequencies.

  • Oscar Elite acoustic plaster is fire rated BS476: Class 1 to Part 7 and Class 0 to part 6.

Oscar Elite Acoustic Plaster

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Oscar Elite Installations

The Lightbox

The Lightbox

The new building has been described as an architectural gem. Designed by the creators of the London Eye, Marks Barfield Architects, and featuring stunning materials and spaces, The Lightbox is intended to appeal to young and old alike.

Holborn Dining Room, Rosewood Hotel, London

Holborn Dining Room, Rosewood Hotel, London

Our Oscar Elite smooth acoustic plaster was spray applied to the ceiling in the stylish Holborn Dining room at the Rosewood Hotel, London.  This synthetic acoustic plaster absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels for perfect restaurant acoustics.

Rovi Restaurant

Rovi Restaurant

Ottolenghi have always taken soundproofing within their restaurants very seriously to ensure that their diners have the best experience possible.  To date they currently have a SonaSpray acoustic spray ceiling in Ottolenghi Spitalfields, an Oscar Elite acoustic plaster ceiling in Nopi, Warwick Street, and most recently an Oscar Elite acoustic plaster ceiling in the beautiful new restaurant Rovi in Fitzrovia, London

10 Bloomsbury Way

10 Bloomsbury Way

When designing this beautiful industrial chic office reception area in the heart of London, the architects required the very smoothest of acoustic finishes to realise the minimal design intent with superb office acoustics.  Oscar Elite acoustic plaster was expertly applied onto an MF plasterboard ceiling by Oscar Acoustics' in-house installation team to enable the incorporation of access hatches, ventillation grills and recess lighting.

45 Jermyn St, St James's, London

45 Jermyn St, St James's, London

For this exquisite dining room, the restaurant and bar acoustics had to be dealt with using cutting edge acoustic plaster technology so as to not compromise any of the design brief. Martin Brudnizki Design Studio wanted to redesign Fortnum & Mason’s original Fountain Restaurant with a design that fused the glamour of contemporary London with the heritage of the truly iconic department store.

NOPI Restaurant

NOPI Restaurant

When designing Nopi, the owner Noam Bar had a clear vision: plaster smooth ceilings, painted brick and tiled walls, hard table tops and marble floors; poor restaurant acoustics were a certainly.

Oxford New College

Oxford New College

New College is one of the largest Oxford colleges, with some 400 undergraduates and nearly 200 graduates. It is, as all Oxford colleges, an autonomous, self-governing institution.

Oscar Elite Technical Specification

NBS Product Specification

  Download BIM object

Oscar Elite installation structure

The 27mm construction consists of 2mm adhesive, 20mm thick mineral board, base and top coat Oscar Elite synthetic acoustic plaster totalling approximately 5mm, which is sprayed, trowelled and worked to optical requirements.

The finish is visually hard and firm to the touch but with excellent sound absorption.  As with all acoustic plaster, installations should be suitably protected in areas where damage is likely.

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster is installed by our own in house, trained staff in order to guarantee optimal workmanship.

Fire performance ratings

UK fire test
Class 1 to BS476 Part 7
Class 0 to BS476 Part 6


Maintenance & cleaning

Dust is removed by lightly brushing or vacuuming with a soft brush head.  It is also sometimes possible to blow dirt from the surface with a high pressure air hose.  A wall or a ceiling can be entirely over sprayed in acoustic plaster in the same or a change of colour.  Over painting must be done by spraying and not roller to prevent serious impact on the acoustic performance and damage to the product.  Advice must be sought from Oscar Acoustics before painting as incorrect application can result in damage of the product.

Repairing & servicing

A major benefit of our new Oscar Elite is its ability in most cases, to be locally and invisibly repaired, negating the need for expensive and inconvenient pre-handover resprays, as with many products similar in appearance.  For more serious damage, it is possible for us to lightly sand and reapply the top coat.

Recessed items

Recessed services e.g. spot lighting will require a halo spacer to match the material depth. Oscar Acoustics manufacture and install stainless steel halo spacers (drawing available) to the same size as the hole cut out.  Stop beads may be required around openings which again we can supply and install.  Specially designed access hatches are also available through Profab, enabling the Oscar Elite to continue across the hatch door.  Problems can arrise from using other hatches.  These items are at extra cost and are to be purchased direct from the Profab.  Please contact Oscar Acoustics for details and item code.  Surface mounted fittings e.g. hanging/pendant lights will require pattresses to match the material depth.  Please contact Oscar Acoustics for further advice.

Please Note:  90% of flangeless fittings do not work properly with any acoustic finish.  If you are specifying a flangless fitting, please contact Oscar Acoustics for advice.

Acoustic results

Our technical department offer free advice and acoustic calculations on the use of our products.

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster absorption coefficients

27mm Oscar with the following air gaps 

125Hz250Hz500Hz1000Hz2000Hz4000HzEN ISO 11654 CLASSNRC
Standard air gap 0mm 0.10 0.52 0.83 0.87 0.85 0.83 B 0.75
Standard air gap 60mm 0.62 0.91 0.78 0.77 0.85 0.88 B 0.85
Standard air gap 125mm 0.90 0.88 0.75 0.78 0.86 0.90 B 0.85

Acoustic plaster test DATA certified by TNO Technology University Delft NL.

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