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The ultimate high performance soundproofing system that exceeds Building Regs Part E

Type 1

Side of joist fixing allowing for a min 6mm height loss. Adjustable for flat ceilings across uneven joists.

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Type 2

Fixes under existing ceiling; plasterboard or concrete giving 50mm void.

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Type 3

Fixes under existing ceiling; board, concrete or drop rods.  Height adjustable to allow for slab steps.

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Iso-Mount Type 1

Noisy Neighbours? Flat Converting? Oscar can help!

The Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1 is a space saving, isolating acoustic hanger for sound proof ceilings.

Iso-Mount Type 1 acoustic ceiling hanger fills a gap in the soundproof ceiling market: previously all systems available were fixed to the undersides of joists, involving considerable ceiling height loss which was not acceptable to many occupants.

Iso-Mount Type 1 was designed to screw fix to the side of the timber joists which allowed the absolute minimum of ceiling height loss: just a few millimetres (1/4 inch) to allow the Gypsum ceiling boards not to be in direct contact with the joists.

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Designing with a ‘clean sheet’ - other issues were addressed:

  • The minimum of ceiling height is lost: as little as 6mm (Less than 1/4inch)*
  • All the work is done from the room below; no work is required to the floor above.
  • The Iso-Mount uses a standard clip-on steel channel that is widely available from several manufacturers. 
  • The rubber Isolating block is substantial and of a calculated hardness (Shore), it sits held in position but is not pressed or clamped into steel brackets: Acoustic on-site testing proved this to be a significant step forward.
  • The installation achieves (better than), compliance with British building regs Approved Document E for airborne and impact sound.

Features of the Oscar Iso-Mount

  • All soundproof ceiling work can be done without going into the apartment or room above.
  • Easier and quicker than installing products on the floor of the room above: when doors, skirting boards etc. must often be shortened and adjusted to compensate for the raised level of floor.
  • Appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling once complete.
  • Adjustable side of joist fixing allowing minimum ceiling height loss and level ceilings across uneven joists.
  • Fast and simple clip together installation.


Following the sale of tens of thousands of Iso-Mount Type 1 acoustic hangers we have now developed:

Iso-Mount Type 2 hangers fix direct to Concrete or steel soffits or existing ceilings with 50mm (2 inch) of insulation and 62.5mm (2 ½ inch) ceiling height loss with 1 layer of 12.5mm (1/2 inch) Gyproc board.

Iso-Mount Type 3 hangers fix direct to Concrete or steel soffits or existing ceilings with 100mm (4 inch) of insulation and 150mm (6 inch) of ceiling height loss with 2 layers of 12.5mm (1/2 inch) Gypsum board.
‘Clean Sheet’ Design features:

Inbuilt height adjustment of 20mm (3/4 inch) at +/- 10mm (3/8 inch) useful for levelling.
With M8 threaded rod the insulation depth can be significantly increased and/or the ceiling dropped around beams etc.

We Supply:

  • The Oscar Iso-Mounts.
  • The acoustic edge foam.

  • Oscar Seal acoustic sealant        
  • Celbar  –  Our preferred acoustic insulation

Other components are purchased from your local stockist, further info is given on the product pages below.  The systems can be installed by a competent DIY person, builders and in many areas we can recommend installers.  

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Oscar Iso-Mount Technical Specification


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Component Suppliers

Oscar Acoustics:

  • Oscar Iso-Mount Assemblies
  • 25 x 10 x 7mtr rolls Oscar-Foam, (1 x 3/8 x 275 inches)*
  • Oscar-Seal Acoustic Sealant OAS/1
  • Celbar Acoustic Void Fill

Local builders merchants:

  • Standard 12.5mm, (1/2") Plasterboard. Heavy density acoustic board is not necessary
  • 45mm Dry Lining Channel            
  • Manufacturers include British Gypsum:
  • GypLiner type GL1 lining channel and
  • GL3 Channel connectors.
  • Nb. GL8 wall support channel is not required
  • Fastners

Acoustic Testing Results

Independant acoustic testing by MRL Acoustics Ltd (acoustic consultants)


Maximum loading of an Oscar Iso-Mount is 13.5kg.  Spaced evenly at 4 Iso-Mounts per square metre the maximum loading per square metre is 54kg.

Typical loading calculation for 220mm (8.66 inches), deep joists:

2x layers of 12mm plasterboard at 10kg each   20
220mm Celbar void fill at 40kg/cu.mtr  9
Metal ‘C’ stud at   1.2
4x Iso-Mounts at 37 grams each 0.0148
Total 31kg/sq. m
(6.35 lbs/sq.ft)

Plus:   The weight of downlighters, smoke sensors, grills etc. that are to be fixed in the plasterboard.  Consult the manufacturers of the plasterboard for fixtures to be fixed directly to the plasterboard.  Use fastenings as recommended by the manufacturer.

Note:   Celbar is an excellent thermal insulator.  Bring this to the attention of your qualified electrician who may have to allow for heavier duty cables and top hat downlight covers.  Covers are to be fitted in place following the Celbar installation.

Iso-Mount Floating Ceiling Components

Further drawings



“The whole transaction has been simple and easy. I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference. So much so that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above. I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat. Keep up the good work.”


Jim Hood 5 star review rating

Home DIY installer

From:  Derrick Murphy
Sent:  21 February 2017 11:35
To:  John Hancock
Subject:  Re: Acoustic ceiling, Monks Bridge House Butlers Marston Warwickshire

"Dear John,

Once again thank you for your prompt response with processing  our order for the additional Iso-Mounts. The owners took us by surprise when they asked for the additional area to be done, but they have been so impressed with the results of all the Acoustic ceilings that they felt they had to have it done.

Best wishes"

Derrick Murphy    5 star review rating
D&M Murphy Plastering Contractors    

Oscar Acoustics has over 35 years experience in the acoustics industry, working on such projects as Warner Bros film studios, Greenwich Royal Observatory, Tate Modern, O2 Dome. We now offer our knowledge to you, the builder, developer and competent DIY person with our new Oscar Iso-Mount for ceiling sound proofing. See our full installation list.

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