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 Acoustic Panels: A visually beautiful room may not be a pleasurable place to spend time due to poor building acoustics. Hard flat surfaces such as tiled or timber floors, plastered or block walls reflect sound thereby increasing and amplifying noise levels within the space resulting in poor acoustics and sound quality. When the space is used for teaching, poor acoustics can cause unnecessary stress and in extreme cases, hearing problems like tinnitus.  The problem is solvable with acoustic panels.

With advanced acoustic products such as Oscar Evo-Panels, SonaPanels acoustic panels, acoustic spray coatings such as SonaSpray and acoustic masonry blocks available from Oscar Acoustics, there is no need to suffer this discomfort.

Whether for sports halls, school class rooms, conference rooms, reception areas or even home cinema applications, we can offer a range of acoustic panels with fabrics and colours to suit.

SonaPanel acoustic panels are easy to install. They are available as supply only or supplied and fitted by our experienced in house installers.  These acoustic panels complement our spray-on finishes.  

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New Acoustic Panel Technology for Sports Halls


See main Evo-Panel web page

Now there is a new type of acoustic panel; an acoustic panel that solves a problem that has haunted main contractors and consultants to date.  The Oscar Evo-Panel is the first acoustic panel designed specifically for use at low level in high impact areas such as sports halls where other acoustic panels would perish.

Why is this important to have absorption at low level?

In tall large spaces such as sports halls, acoustic treatment is normally placed around the top half of the room either on walls or soffits out of harms way from people and balls.  This means that, sound is free to flutter from wall to wall at head level.

If absorption is only in the top half of the room, the acoustics will be great a few steps up a ladder, but will be drastically altered as you near ground level.  It is this effect that often causes sports halls to fail testing despite the calculated area of absorption be applied to the space.

The Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic panel has the following benefits:

  • Solves the issue of sports hall acoustics
  • Improves clarity of speech
  • Reduces overall noise levels within the room
  • Class A sound absorber
  • 35% less acoustic panels required compared to conventional high level acoustic panels saving time & money.
  • Acoustic panel treatment at low level where most needed
  • Impact resistant acoustic panel design
  • Kinder on impact than a wall with soft cushioned filling
  • Stylish in a range of customisable colours
  • Each acoustic panel can be removed & replaced within 20 seconds
  • Class 0 to BS476 Part 6 fire rated

For more information on this ground breaking new acoustic panel, go to our main Oscar Evo-Panel web page.

For more information or to Request a brochure on Acoustic Panels, call us on 01474 854902 or use our Enquiry Form

Acoustic Panels Installations

Acoustic Panel Installation Example:

During the construction of St. Pauls Way Community School in Dagenham Kent, Oscar Acoustics assisted Bouygues UK with their acoustic requirements.  3,000m2 of SonaSpray K-13 Special was applied to all the corridors, balconies, light wells, and activity hall meaning they sailed through BB93 testing.

For the main sports hall Oscar Acoustics calculated that in order to pass regulations, a further 200m2 of acoustic treatment would be required to supplement the existing perforated deck ceiling system.  On this occasion, SonaPanel Type B acoustic panels were chosen in a mid grey (Slip).

Due to the project being only a couple of weeks away from handover, all sports equipment, speakers, security cameras etc. had been installed.  Oscar worked with Bouyguues UK to design a layout for the acoustic panels that would not interfere with these items minimising disruption.  The result 

 was anextremely attractive and interesting acoustic panel installation that enabled the Sports hall to pass the previously failed acoustic tests

Following the completed works at St. Pauls Way Comm. School, Bouygues UK, Operations Director, Chris Stevens stated in writing:

"Following the recent installation of nearly 3,000m2 of SonaSpray K-13 Special to the corridors, classroom and Activity hall ceilings plus an extra 200m2 of works to the Main Sports Hall (SonaPanel Type B), at St. Pauls Way Community School, Bouygues UK Ltd would like to thank Oscar Acoustics for their hard work in delivering a high standard of work within our program, for which speed of installation was critical.

Your site teams should be commended on the professional manner in which they conduct themselves; we found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable whilst keeping comprehensive day to day records of events. They kept a 100% health & safety record for the duration of the project, passing unannounced inspections from an independent Health & Safety company organised by yourselves.

We are delighted with the appearance".

To read the whole letter, please go to our website testimonials section.

Acoustic Panels also available for Home Cinema:

“The difference is incredible!”

they agreed, after installing SonaPanel acoustic panels in their previously reverberant demo room.

“SonaPanels help these £5,000 speakers reach their full potential. We love the design & acoustic performance!”

Quite a complement from a company that prides its self on such quality

Acoustic Panels Technical Specification

Click here to see Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic panel Technical information

Acoustic Panel DATA:

SonaPanel acoustic panel installations can be tailored to meet your specific acoustic needs.

Standard size is  2700mm x 1200mm.  Custom sizes are available on request.

SonaPanel acoustic panels are available in 3 different types:

Type A acoustic panel    -   Tee joint acoustic panel system
Type B acoustic panel    -   Butt joint acoustic panel system
Type C acoustic panel    -   Shadow joint acoustic panel system

Acoustic Panel Fire Rating:

Recycled glasswool board is fire rated as Class 0 to BS476: Part 6.

Standard fabric facings comply with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7.

Class 0 fire rated fabric finishes are also available on request.

Upvc trims are fire rated as BS476 Part 7.  Like normal Upvc, the trims have a maximum softening limit of 60°C.

Acoustic Panel Maintenance:

SonaPanel acoustic panels are extremely easy to maintain. Vacuum lightly with a brush attachment if and when necessary.

Acoustic Panel Performance:

Thermal Performance:

The acoustic panel's recycled glasswool board provides an excellent heat and cold insulator. This adds to the energy saving measure in a building as well as reducing the noise levels.  The panels have a thermal conductivity of k = 0.0377 w/m°k.


The acoustic panels weigh approximately 3kg/m².
Upvc trims weigh approx. 1kg/length.

Acoustic Panel Colour Choice:

Please choose from the 80 standard acoustic panel colours below:

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