SonaSpray fcx

Acoustic Decorative Finishes for Excellent Architectural Acoustics;


Seamless finishes from textured to plaster smooth.

A visually beautiful room may not be a pleasurable place to spend time due to poor architectural acoustics. Hard flat surfaces such as wooden floors and plastered walls reflect sound, thereby increasing and amplifying noise levels within the space resulting in poor architectural acoustics and sound quality.

SonaSpray fcx is a one coat acoustic decorative finish with an attractive flat, lightly pitted surface. SonaSpray fcx is typically applied at 10resilient finish and superb ability to control architectural acoustics. It is spray applied and will conform to any surface shape, providing that the surface curvature will allow finishing with a trowel. The high performance adhesive will bond to virtually all common construction materials including plaster, wood, metal and concrete. Some surfaces (water or tobacco stained ceilings, timber and oxidised metal) will require sealing to prevent migratory staining into the fcx SonaSpray finish.

Carbon Neutral – Low Embodied Energy – Good for the environment – Recyclable


Photo:  Colchester Visual Arts Centre

fcx trowelled finish - Flat lightly pitted surface

fcx spray finish - Fine texture

The standard white finish can be spray painted to the chosen colour with a minimal effect on the sound absorption qualities of SonaSpray fcx and its ability to achieve good architectural acoustics; we have independant acoustic test data for painted fcx.  Through coloured bespoke material available; minimum order quantities apply.


Safe recycled natural cellulose fibre. Future reconstruction of buildings may require removal of SonaSpray, it can be recycled or disposed of as a non-special waste – your local authority environmental department will give advice on recycling.

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SonaSpray fcx Installations

Colchester Visual Arts Centre

First Site employed Uruguayan-New Yorker Rafael Viñoly with the brief of creating a landmark visual arts centre to put Colchester on the world’s art stage. Like it or loath it, the building sits boldly amongst the buildings of the UK’s oldest recorded city attracting strong opinions on both sides, and perhaps this is the sign of a great building, as a building that gets people talking is one that promotes itself.

The inside is no different, with its timber floor, minimal white walls and special acoustic ceiling that appears as conventional plaster from the ground.

This special ceiling was SonaSpray fcx, a sprayed and then trowelled, recycled, seamless, architectural acoustic finish that is through coloured, negating the need for decoration. A minimal space like this would normally be extremely reverberant; instead the feeling is more of a giant space that is lined with plush carpets or soft furnishings.

A leading acoustic consultant commented when told the ceiling was SonaSpray fcx.

‘I was there last weekend with my wife and actually commented to her that the space was extremely quiet considering it had no absorptive materials. I thought it was plasterboard; this would explain why. It looked great from memory”.

3,000m2 of SonaSpray fcx was applied for FireClad and Mace Construction working from MEWPS to cause minimum disruption to the program. In addition, further areas were treated with super smooth Oscar Elite acoustic plaster at low level in galleries, meeting rooms and offices.

Also see the photo at the top of the page.


Hope Academy near Warrington

Hope Academy near Warrington was a BSF Willmott Dixon design & build project. Outside acoustic consultation lead to Oscar’ SonaSpray fcx being specified for the prominent giant feature yellow pods in the main meeting space, SonaSpray K-13 Special in light and dark grey for the Auditorium walls and SonaPanel acoustic panels for the Main Sports Hall upper walls.

The giant pods were constructed using ply in ribbed formation. Oscar Acoustics then applied SonaSpray fcx at 20mm & trowelled smooth. The SonaSpray range is able to follow the existing lines of nearly any shape making it possible to add school acoustics absorption without compromising design; architects and designers can now let their minds run wild.

Harlow leisure zone

At Harlow leisure zone in Harlow, Essex, architectural acoustics played a key role in the design of their large reception, café and lounge area.

The low multi-layered and curved feature ceiling presented the architect with an acoustic problem that could not be solved by simply positioning acoustic panels on the walls.

SonaSpray fcx was specified for its superb absorption capabilities and being a versatile monolithic spray applied finish that could follow the exact lines of the substrate.

Selecting the right product in Oscar Acoustics’ large range of finishes meant that customers to the impressive winged leisure centre were completely unaware that SonaSpray fcx was anything other than a conventional building finish.

The Arctic White SonaSpray fcx core material is through coloured, negating the need for decoration and as an added bonus is even whiter than Brilliant White paint, giving an impressive 81% light reflectivity – very important in a large low ceiling reception area with limited natural light.

Architectural acoustics at their best!

Birmingham University

Birmingham University’s Grade II listed building, Muirhead Tower is a 12 story structure spread over two towers with adjoining walkways and stairwells, designed by Sir Philip Dowson of Arup Associates in 1971.

The brief for the recent refurbishment was to replace the failing glazing system, recondition the deteriorating exposed concrete and to generally modernise its overall appearance whilst also creating 150 academic offices and 230 post graduate write-up spaces.

Muirhead Tower also had to comply with BB93 regulations which meant that all teaching and work spaces within the school had to have adequate architectural acoustics.

As Muirhead is a listed building, the design and build architects Galliford Try were under strict instructions to retain as many of the original features as possible, which ruled out installing suspended acoustic ceilings below the profiled concrete substrate.

8000m2 of SonaSpray fcx was specified for its ability to refurbish the original feature ceiling whilst also complying with BB93 regulations. SonaSpray fcx covered the rough dirty concrete in a brilliant white finish accentuating the original features rather than hiding them and creating a modern look.

Black Tiles Restaurant

“Simply Awesome! Its’ created a totally different dining environment, speech and music are clear and all background clutter noise has gone. The restaurant feels comfortable and somehow warmer.”

Comments from Black Tiles Restaurant owner Tim Yeo, (as featured on BBC Radio Four’ architectural acoustics report.) Black Tiles Restaurant, Black Tiles Lane, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Nr. Ipswich.

Tapanco Restaurant, Wimbledon

SonaSpray fcx was applied to walls and colour finished with beige emulsion paint for an attractive decorative finish and a comfortable acoustic environment.

For improved architectural acoustics, SonaSpray fcx is applied by experienced Oscar Acoustics installers, trained by International Cellulose Corporation, using authorised equipment, fibres and adhesive.

As featured in an architectural acoustics special on BBC televisions’ ‘See Hear’. For larger photos, please see ‘Examples’ page.

SonaSpray fcx Technical Specification

  Download BIM Object

Acoustic DATA:

SonaSpray fcx installations are tailored to meet your specific projects’ architectural acoustic needs. There is a choice of finish and acoustic performance. Special colours can be manufactured for larger installations or for most applications the standard white RAL9010 finish can be refinished with water based paint. SonaSpray fcx may be applied at variable thicknesses and areas to provide designed acoustic ambience. It is spray and trowel applied building to the full thickness in one application.

SonaSpray fcx standard absorption coefficients

6mm 0.07 0.39 0.69 0.83 0.87 0.50
10mm 0.11 0.46 0.77 0.84 0.89 0.55
12mm 0.16 0.49 0.89 1.03 0.97 0.65
20mm 0.48 0.81 0.85 0.85 0.94 0.75

Test DATA certified by TNO Technical University Delft NL. Tests were on a solid substrate. A panel substrate with air space behind the panel will change absorption; normally there is improved absorption at low frequency giving further flexibility in the design of architectural acoustics.

Thermal DATA:

SonaSpray insulates by creating dead air spaces macroscopically between and within the hollow cellulose fibres.


Dry weight 4.50kg/m2 at 20mm thick.

Bonding to Substrate:

SonaSpray fcx can be applied to virtually any substrate; some surfaces may need priming to control suction. Old surfaces may need a barrier coating to prevent staining from leaching out of contaminants while the surface is wet. Fully cured SonaSpray fcx will not only improve the architectural acoustics but improve the strength of the substrate.

Condensation Control:

For indoor swimming pools SonaSpray fcx aids in condensation control. The proper combination of SonaSpray fcx and ventilation prevents condensation on metal, concrete and other surfaces. SonaSpray fcx actually reduces ventilation requirements, saving in both the ventilation equipment cost and operating costs.

RH Control:

SonaSpray fcx is a natural humidity moderator. At times of increasing humidity SonaSpray fcx will absorb large amounts of water vapour. When the humidity drops SonaSpray fcx will exhale water vapour and maintain a balance. This characteristic promotes a healthy atmosphere.


The adhesive used with SonaSpray fcx provides a strong, durable and resilient bond. When fully cured the surface strength of old plaster will typically improve.

Recessed Items:

Recessed services e.g. spot lighting will require a halo spacer to match the material depth. Oscar Acoustics manufacture and install stainless steel halo spacers to the same size as the hole cut out.  Stop beads may be required around openings which again we can supply and install.  Specially designed access hatches are also available through Profab, enabling the SonaSpray to continue across the hatch door.  Problems can arrise from using other hatches.  These items are at extra cost and are to be purchsed direct from the Profab.  Please contact Oscar Acoustic for details and item code.  Surface mounted fittings e.g. hanging/pendant lights will require a pattresses to match the material depth.  Please contact Oscar Acoustics for further advice.

Where to use:

Any interior space requiring improved architectural acoustics; SonaSpray fcx can be quickly and effectively applied to most prepared surface and construction configurations helping to achieve minimum working down-time in existing structures with abilities to meet critical deadlines in new construction. SonaSpray fcx trowelled finish has a durable flat pitted surface and is suited to walls and ceilings in restaurants (see photos), offices, public buildings, hotels, shopping complexes, conference rooms, large domestic rooms and indoor pools.

Fire Performance Ratings:

UK Fire test by Warrington Fire Research:
Class 1 to BS476 Part 7
Class 0 to BS476 Part 6


SonaSpray fcx can be over-painted or applied with additional coats of SonaSpray. Small damage can be repaired by hand. If SonaSpray fcx is disturbed or damaged so that fibre is released into the atmosphere, the resulting contamination is harmless. Maintenance work can be undertaken while the building is occupied. Please refer to COSHH data for detailed product analysis.

What people say about our SonaSpray Installations

The architect's solution of fitting high level 'sound absorbing' panels produced a negligible improvement. We continued to 'battle' with intolerable 'echo' making the room unfit for its- purpose.

Following an independent sound monitoring exercise an alternative acoustic dampening application was recommended. Sonaspray was selected. My caretaking staff were greatly impressed by the attention to detail paid by your engineers in the installation procedure. Every surface was carefully covered and the procedure was very professionally completed.

The effect of the application has been tremendous! The hall is a different room and PE, assemblies and lunch-times have become pleasurable occasions compared to the sonic battleground we experienced previously.

SonaSpray is manufactured by ICC, Houston, Tx 
ISO 9001: 2000 certification

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