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Thermal acoustic sound insulation with a seamless, decorative ceiling and wall finish.

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Sonatherm sound insulation consists of panels of expanded polystyrene over sprayed with a choice of SonaSpray acoustic finishes to achieve a fire rating and attractive appearance.  Sonatherm can be applied to most surfaces or constructions and is ideal for basement car parks, cantilever buildings and balconies.  By varying the thickness of the polystyrene slab all permutations of insulation are achieved.  The layer of SonaSpray also means that any sound is absorbed rather than being reflected, considerably reducing reverberation times and therefore reducing overall noise levels.

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Sonatherm sound insulation installations

Sonatherm - Acoustic thermal insulation for ceilings and walls

Sonatherm - Acoustic thermal insulation for ceilings and walls

Sonatherm - Acoustic thermal insulation for ceilings and walls

Sonatherm - Acoustic thermal insulation for ceilings and walls

Recyclable, low embodied energy & good for the environment

Sonatherm is perfect for thermal acoustic sound insulation.  Reconstruction of a building may necessitate removal of the SonaSpray and EPS components of Sonatherm.  The SonaSpray component can be recycled or disposed of as a non-special waste to landfill.

Sonatherm thermal acoustic sound insulation summarised

  • Building Regulations 2000 Approved document ‘E’ compliant
  • Thermal acoustic insulation
  • Reverberation noise reduction
  • Spray applied one coat decorative finish with EPS substrate
  • Seamless monolithic ceiling, with fire rating

Other applications

Sonatherm thermal acoustic insulation can also be used for the soffits of walkways, underpasses and balconies.  In any area where it is protected from direct rain, architects can employ the insulating and acoustic properties of Sonatherm to the full.

Sonatherm technical specification


The Sonatherm polystyrene slabs are fixed with adhesive and mechanical fixings to the substrate; this procedure is quick.  Spraying the surface with SonaSpray which then follows, is even quicker allowing us to offer very economical solutions and added value to the building.

Acoustic lining

The exceptional noise absorption quality of Sonatherm thermal acoustic insulation offers buildings, e.g. basement parking, an acoustic comfort that must be experienced to be appreciated.  Cutting noise pollution for surrounding areas with an environmentally friendly, recycled product is a truly worthwhile benefit.

Repairing & servicing Sonatherm

Local repairs of small areas are performed by hand.  A wall or a ceiling can be entirely over sprayed in the same or a different colour.  It is also possible to spray with a water based paint - please contact our Oscar Acoustics technical department for further details.

Dust can be removed by blowing with an air pressure gun or by vacuuming with a soft brush attachment.

Thermal properties

Sonatherm 70/20 - construction - Thermal Acoustic Insulation - Typical Calculation

Typical "R" Values
Internal surface 0.14
50mm screed 0.03
150mm concrete slab 0.10
External Surface 0.04
U=3.23 W/m2k R=0.31
70mm EPS 20 SE 1.94
20mm Sonaspray 0.62
U=0.35 W/m2k R=2.87

Optical qualities and colours

There is a choice of finish for the sprayed-on Sonatherm layer:

SonaSpray K-13 special is available as standard in colours: Light grey, beige, off white and black (blues and greens often available as standard).
Sonaspray fc is available in white as standard.
Almost any colour is possible if the size of the project warrants this option.

Fire rating

Class 0 to BS476 Part 6
Class l to BS476 Part 7


Decorative and seamless sprayed coating


Virtually unlimited

Thermal insulation


Acoustic performance

Pleasant, non-reverberant atmosphere

Time saving

Fast installation in one single spray coating

Environmentally friendly

Cellulose fibres, fully recycled, low embodied energy, low C02


The friendliest on price!

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