Acoustic thermal insulation

Acoustic thermal enhancement for basement car parks, cantilever buildings and more.

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Celbar - recycled insulation

Celbar - recycled sound insulation

Celbar is recycled environmentally friendly acoustic and thermal cavity/void fill sound insulation made from paper based materials treated for fire retardancy.  Tests have shown that when packed together, this natural, recycled cellulose insulation material is acoustically and thermally more effective than man-made mineral wool.

Sonatherm - Thermal Acoustic Sound Insulation

Sonatherm - thermal acoustic sound insulation

Sonatherm thermal acoustic sound insulation is a seamless, decorative ceiling and wall finish that can be applied to most surfaces or constructions.  The layer of SonaSpray also means that any sound is absorbed rather than being reflected, considerably reducing reverberation times and thereby reducing overall noise levels.