11 - Sep - 2018

Acoustics Explained

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To celebrate 40 years of sound business, Oscar Acoustics have launched our own social media series: 'Oscar Ellie Explains,' where acoustic facts are explained by our very own little 3-year-old Ellie in short, fun videos. Ellie is the 3rd generation to enter the Oscar Acoustics family business and we think she is the perfect candidate to teach us about acoustics in her own magical way! 

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We would love to hear your comments & suggestions for more videos via YouTube!

The series by Oscar Acoustics where 'Ellie Explains' acoustic terms and facts in a way that only she knows how, to celebrate Oscar Acoustics 40th birthday.  Each short, funny kid video will feature an acoustic definition explained in layman’s terms.

Noise control for buildings is what we are all about.  Hopefully these funny, 'Oscar Ellie' videos will help generate interest not only in Oscar Acoustics but also the subject of acoustics for buildings in general!