05 - Aug - 2019

5 things you didn't know about office acoustics

And how to get your office acoustics right

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Despite the ongoing trend towards working from home and remote meetings, many of us still spend our working days sat at our desks in open plan offices.  This means they are some of the most vital spaces to get the acoustics right.  A poor approach to office acoustics can have a variety of consequences in the workplace that many people don’t tend to think of. 

Office acoustics

Office acoustics

Noise control for offices

Acoustic treatment for offices

1. Co-workers can be far more distracting than you think.

Did you know that just one nearby conversation can make you 66% less productive?  Now imagine you’re sat in an open-plan office of 20 odd people, all chatting about what they’re working on, what they did at the weekend and how far they’re up to on the latest hit TV series.  Good luck getting any work done!

2. Open-plan offices are the new normal, but employees shouldn’t be celebrating.

Those who work in these noisier offices take 70% more sick days than home workers.  Excessive noise levels make you stressed and tired, so it’s a major factor contributing to days missed and a dip in productivity.

3. Using earphones makes things worse.

Many of us have probably tried to hide away from noise by plugging in our earphones and drowning out office hubbub with music, however this can boost noise levels by 9dB, creating even more noise and impacting on your hearing.  It can also increase the likelihood of being distracted from the task at hand, particularly fast paced music with a lot of lyrics.

4. Did you know that poor acoustics can cause bodily harm?

You’re more likely to slouch when working in a noisy office opposed to a quiet one.  If noise levels in your office are at a constant high it means you may be slouching all through the working day, five days a week.  This increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, which can cause pain and discomfort throughout the rest of your life.

5. On the other hand, too much peace and quiet can also hurt productivity.

A reasonable amount of background noise can help foster creativity and collaboration between co-workers.  Not only this, but it can help new employees feel a bit more comfortable.  People tend to feel more self-conscious in a silent environment, so a low murmur of noise can help, especially in industries that require you to frequently speak on the phone.

Getting your office acoustics right.

We have the most extensive range of acoustic products to help you get your office acoustics right.  Whether it be for a fit-out, refurbishment or new build, taking office acoustics seriously and removing distractions caused by excess noise will ensure workspaces sound as good as they look with a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

For more information regarding our reverberation control range or if you have any questions regarding office acoustics you can call us direct on 01474 854902 or fill in our contact us form and a member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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