Acoustic plasterboard

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Typical acoustic plasterboard limitations

If you need to improve the acoustics in a space you may have considered acoustic plasterboard.  This however, can have its limitations.  Acoustic plasterboard is typically punched with hundreds of holes to allow sound to pass through and be absorbed by an acoustic absorber fixed behind the plasterboard.  In this case the acoustic performance is limited because the area of the plasterboard without holes still reflects sound, causing reverberation (echo).

Standard plasterboard vs acoustic plasterboard

SonaSpray applied to standard plasterboard and most other subtrates absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation times and achieving excellent acoustics in any interior space.

SonaSpray fcx acoustic plasterboard

SonaSpray fcx applied to plasterboard in Hard Rock Hotel London. Credit to Scott Brownrigg & Adnitt Acoustics.

SonaSpray acoustic plasterboard

SonaSpray for acoustic plasterboard (and most other substrates) is fire rated, recycled and directly controls stressful noise reverberation in buildings.  Its high performance adhesive bonds to virtually all common construction materials including plasterboard, wood, metal and concrete.  From textured to plaster smooth, our attractive range of environmentally friendly acoustic sprays are perfect for use in offices, schools, stadiums, night clubs, restuarants, bars and more.

SonaSpray for acoustic plasterboard benefits:

  • Controls sound and noise reverberation by absorbing sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels.
  • Class 0 to BS476 and B-s1,d0 fire ratings. View full fire ratings.
  • Achieves M1 certification for Building Materials emissions.
  • Sprays directly onto plasterboard, concrete, steel sheet and most other surfaces.
  • Contributes up to 17 points to the overall LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating of a project.
  • Can be applied to virtually any substrate configuration.

Oscar Elite acoustic plasterboard

Oscar Elite acoustic plasterboard

Oscar Elite in 111 Buckingham Palace Road. Credit to Eric Parry Architects, Collins Construction & Tony MacLean photography. 

Unlike traditional plaster our exceptionally smooth and fire rated Oscar Elite can be spray applied to plasterboard to absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it giving all important clarity to speech and music within a space.

Oscar Elite for acoustic plasterboard benefits:

  • Smooth acoustic plaster achieves superb acoustics without compromising on minimalist designs.
  • A2-s1,d0 & Class 0 fire rated to BS476.  Full fire reports available on request.
  • M1 certifiied for Building Materials emissions.
  • Quick and easy to install.  Can be directly applied to most substrates such as plasterboard, steel sheet, concrete etc.
  • Suitable for flat, domed and vaulted soffits.
  • Ideal for use in offices, hotels, receptions, luxury homes, restaurants and much more.

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