Café acoustics

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Noise in cafés & restaurants

With the ongoing trend for minimalist, chic design in cafés, coffee shops and restaurants it is important to consider acoustic treatment in the space.  Hard flat surfaces, such as stone, tiled or timber floors, tables and plastered walls will contribute to poor café acoustics as these hard surfaces reflect sound and therefore increase and amplify noise levels within the cafés. 

When you are eating in a noisy café or restaurant you speak up in order to be heard by the staff and the people you are with.  The issue is that everyone around you is also doing this, and before you know it, the venue is uncomfortably loud and it completely spoils the atmosphere due to poor cafe acoustics.  It’s a downward spiral that you may have noticed yourself at some point when out for a bite to eat or coffee with friends or colleagues.  Fortunately, we have the perfect solution with our architectural acoustic finishes.

Cafe acoustics

Acoustic treatment for cafes

Reverberation control for cafés - the solution 

We have the most extensive ranges of seamless, recycled, acoustic decorative finishes for reverberation control in restaurants, offering superb café acoustics without design compromise with our acoustic sprays and acoustic plasters.  They absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels.

Our acoustic product range help reduce programme times with fast installation and no need for decoration, so you can be back open for business in no time with superb café acoustics for all your staff and customers to enjoy.

Calm and inviting spaces are possible with our SonaSpray range.

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“The results are simply awesome! It's created a totally different dining environment to what it was before.  Speech and music are clear and all background clutter noise has gone. The restaurant feels comfortable and somehow warmer and cosier now.”

Comments from Black Tiles Restaurant owner Tim Yeo, (as featured on BBC Radio Four - architectural acoustics report.)

5 star review rating  

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For more information regarding our reverberation control range for cafe acoustics or if you have any questions you can call us direct on 01474 854902 or fill in our contact us form and a member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Café acoustics installations

Arlington Business Park café acoustics

Arlington Business Park café

SonaSpray K-13 in black was spray applied above slatted timber by one of our in house expert teams to acoustically treat the ceiling during this fit out of the award winning Arlington Business Park and cafe by Bulb Interiors.

Le Pain Quotidien Restaurant, London - Café acoustics

Le Pain Quotidien Café, London

Oscar Acoustics K-13 Special acoustic ceiling spray was applied for Du Boulay Contracts in white to control reverberation and decorate the existing rib deck at the Le Pain Quotidien cafe in Monument, London.

Brockholes Wetlands Centre

Brockholes Wetlands Centre

SonaSpray K-13 Special applied between beams in two bespoke grey colours to control reverberation and reduce noise levels at the award winning Brockholes Wetlands Centre, Preston.

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