Hotel acoustics

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Architectural acoustic finishes for stylish, class leading hotels without design compromise.

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Many modern hotels nowadays are designed to be able to host grand events such as large business conferences, award ceremonies, wedding parties and more.  In order for these special events to be a success and run smoothly it is vital that the spaces used to host them are treated acoustically in the most effective way.  Without acoustic treatment in hotels, these large public venues will be extremely reverberant, creating a sonic battleground for guests who cannot wait to leave.  

So many of us have experienced this first hand when a venue is so loud that you can barely hold a conversation with the person in front of you and when you are in these situations you have to speak up in order to be heard.  The problem is that everyone does this, and before you know it, the venue is uncomfortably loud and it completely spoils the atmosphere and experience due to the poor hotel acoustics.  Important business talks and emotional wedding speeches can be completely missed by the people towards the back of the room.  Our architectural acoustic finishes offer the perfect solution by absorbing sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels.

Hotel acoustics. Ballroom acoustics

Hilton Bankside Hotel, London. SonaSpray fc for excellent hotel ballroom acoustics.
Credit to Dexter Moren Associates & Jack Hardy photography.

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Hotel acoustics

Hotel lobby acoustics

First impressions really count when it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry.  When a guest walks into a hotel lobby they want to feel welcome and at ease straight away so it is important that designers and architects design these all important spaces using their ears as well as their eyes.  Even the most stunning and impressive hotel lobbies with simple, elegant surfaces such as stone or marble floors, hardwoods, glass and plain flat walls will not be inviting spaces in which to spend time if the acoustics are not taken seriously.

Our extensive range of acoustic decorative finishes absorb sound energy and reduce noise levels within an interior space giving all important clarity to speech and music.  By incorporating our SonaSpray acoustic spray or Oscar Elite acoustic plaster into your design you can achieve excellent hotel acoustics without design compromise.

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Hotel acoustics installations

Oscar Elite in Four Seasons Hotel, London

Four Seasons Hotel, London

"A bit of a first for me; I have never had a musician in tears about how good the acoustics made them sound!" MD at Clarke Saunders Acoustics, Ed Clarke. Oscar Elite exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster expertly applied throughout the stunning Four Seasons Hotel in Trinity Square, London. Unlike traditional plaster, Oscar Elite absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels, giving all important clarity to speech and music.

Hard Rock Hotel, London

Hard Rock Hotel, London

SonaSpray fcx and SonaSpray fc were specified for Londons new Hard Rock Hotel throughout the café and bar, providing a seamless and decorative acoustic solution.  The spray absorbs excessive noise, creating a pleasant ambience by giving clarity to music and speech, transforming what would otherwise have been a cacophonous space.

Hilton London Bankside Hotel Acoustics

Hilton London Bankside Hotel

Designed by architects Dexter Moren Associates, the five-star Hilton London Bankside near Tate Modern & The Shard, represents the next generation of design-led Hilton Hotels.

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