How to absorb noise in a room

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Class leading noise absorption materials for building interiors

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Are you wondering about how to absorb noise in a room?  Here at Oscar Acoustics we are specialists in noise absorption for all types of building interiors.  With over 43 years experience, we offer class leading acoustic and soundproofing products for both types of noise problems commonly experienced in buildings: 

  • SonaSpray acoustic sprays and Oscar Elite acoustic plaster for noise reverberation (echo) control in building interiors.
  • Iso-Mount acoustic ceilings hangers for noise transfer through ceilings and floors.

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How to absorb noise reveberation (echo) with SonaSpray

How to absorb noise in a room with SonaSpray

SonaSpray fcx acoustic ceiling spray in Hard Rock Hotel, London. Credit to Scott Brownrigg and Adnitt Acoustics.

We are Britain’s leading provider of seamless acoustic sprays and acoustic plasters for the control of noise reverberation (echo) in a room or space.  Our SonaSpray & Oscar Elite acoustic finishes absorb noise instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation times and overall noise levels within a space.  With our extensive range of fire rated, recycled and seamless acoustic finishes we enable designers to create calm and inviting spaces that sound just as good as they look.

Our acoustic products can be used to effectively absorb noise in a room across all sectors including offices, universities/schools, warehouses/factories/industrial, film/television studios, sports & music arenas, leisure centres, entertainment venues, restaurants and more. 

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How to absorb noise from above with Iso-Mount

We also offer our own high performance, space saving, British made Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling systems for noise transfer reduction between floors.  By using our Iso-Mount acoustic ceiling hangers you can create an isolated, floating ceiling that will stop the vibration that causes the transfer of unwanted noise from floor to floor.  No more noisy upstairs neighbours!

Iso-Mount acoustic hangers are designed to achieve outstanding soundproofing performance with fast and easy installation.  The Iso-Mount is a proven, easy to use and affordable soundproof ceiling solution that brings serenity to any space, from houses and flats to offices, shops and restaurants.

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How to absorb noise is a room

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