Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control Products

SonaSpray spray-on decorative acoustic finish is commercially unbeatable when addressing industrial noise control. The speed of installation cannot be matched with acoustic panels and other fixed lining materials. An empty factory shell with hard walls, floor and ceiling is a reverberation chamber magnifying noise. SonaSpray spray-on acoustic finish applied to the ceiling and walls at high level absorbs sound instead of reflecting it back into the factory, the result is reduced reverberation times and reduced noise levels.

Industrial soundproofing can be dealt with retrospectively but the problem is much better addressed at the design stage: 

H V Wooding took this approach for their new factory extension at Hythe in Kent and are very pleased with the result. An acoustic consultant calculated a predicted reverberation time of over 2 seconds prior to the build but with the inclusion of absorptive construction materials this was reduced to 0.6 seconds, this is a huge benefit when dealing with industrial noise control at work.

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Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control

The acoustic materials used:

SonaSpray K-13 Special: Sprayed onto the ceiling in a single 35mm decorative coating absorbs 100% of noise at the mid band frequencies of 500Hz – 2KHz lightweight and fire rated class 0 to BS476 part 6.  SonaSpray is used in 100’s of locations across the UK: Schools, community halls, atriums, offices, factory industrial noise control; almost any interior space with a reverberation problem.

SoundBlox: These acoustic building blocks absorb noise by using Helmholst resonator principles and perform well at the difficult lower frequencies; 98% absorption is possible at 125Hz! A standard building block will absorb about 4%.  SoundBlox are laid along with standard masonry blocks, applications: Industrial noise control for manufacturing and workshops, sports halls, exhibition halls, road/rail acoustic barriers.

Now when noise is generated by machinery and manufacturing operations it is not reflected from hard surfaces which can increase noise levels by up to 15dBA! It is absorbed by the acoustic treatment. Industrial noise control becomes a more manageable problem, simple screens become very effective in protecting operators from direct machine noise and noise levels in the adjoining offices are significantly lower. Better all round building acoustics.

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Industrial noise control artical written by D. Mack.

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