Meeting Room Acoustics

Some meetings can be stressful enough without having to strain to hear someone at the other end of the table.

Meet Room Acoustics

The current design preference for attractive hard finishes such as tiled or timber floors and plastered walls can result in poor meeting room acoustics, reducing quality of sound and clarity of speech.

For someone that is hearing impaired or suffering from tinitus, these points are amplified and that person is likely to find such an environment uncomfortable and unproductive.

Oscar Acoustics has a range of acoustic decorative solutions to control meeting room acoustics: from plaster smooth or textured seamless finishes to contemporary design wall panels and acoustic panels that can be suspended from the ceiling to further soundproof your office or meeting room!

Suspended Acoustic Sails

These are installed by Oscar trained staff (although acoustic panels are available for self installation).

These attractive products absorb sound (otherwise reflected it into the meeting space), resulting in clearer speech and the occupants not having to raise voices to be heard.

Good meeting room acoustics are important for successful teleconferencing. Without absorption, the meeting room can turn into a sonic battleground, making it extremely difficult to hear the person on the line or vice versa.

At Oscar we are happy to calculate free of charge as part of our service the amount of required absorption to achieve the correct acoustic ambience for your meeting room or conference room.

Meet Room Acoustics

Acoustic Panels for Improving Meeting Room Acoustics

Acoustic panels

Oscar Acoustics has developed a range of panels improving meeting room acoustics.

SonaPanel H.E. acoustic panels have a unique and attractive quality faux suede finish with proven acoustic absorption resulting in a high performing but slender stylish panel.

Once again, Oscar is happy to calculate the required number of panels to achieve your meeting room acoustic goals. 

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