11 - Mar - 2021

Noise from above? Iso-Mount can help!

Iso-Mount acoustic hangers for soundproof ceilings

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What's that racket?

Wherever there’s a floor above, noise can cause problems. This isn’t just a nuisance when you’re trying to watch your favourite programme – it can disturb sleep, disrupt work and (through prolonged exposure) even have a serious effect on health. The louder and more frequent the noise, the more significant the disruption and the risk.

Soundproofing is a crucial part of making spaces more comfortable but the methods used to tackle noise transfer between floors are often too expensive, too complicated, too bulky, or worse – just plain ineffective.

Oscar Acoustics are specialists in soundproofing with over 40 years’ experience in making homes, offices, schools, restaurants (or anywhere that people spend time) sound as good as they look with our extensive range of products for noise control in buildings. When noise from above is giving you grief, our Oscar Iso-Mount range of noise insulation products offers a proven, easy-to-use and affordable soundproofing solution.

Peace at last

Building Regulations Document E sets minimum standards for soundproofing residential buildings in England and Wales. However, while these are great for ensuring new builds and conversions comply, the standards don’t apply to existing dwellings, leaving hundreds of thousands of previously built properties with inadequate sound insulation. The Oscar Iso-Mount range is ideal when you want to make your home more peaceful and it’s not only compliant, but exceeds the requirements set in Document E for airborne and impact sound.

So, your neighbours may not even be particularly noisy, but due to the way most homes have been built, poor sound insulation and how sound travels between floors, you can still hear them.

Soundproof ceiling

How sound travels between floors…

Sound travels in two ways: through the air as airborne sound and through solid surfaces as impact sound.

If someone is banging, crashing, jumping or just talking in the room above you, the vibrations and sound pressure waves generated will travel through your ceiling, emerging in your room as unwanted sound.

Footsteps, music, voices or any other sounds in an upper floor will generate these vibrations and lead to noise transfer to the room below.

...and how to stop it

There are a number of ways to reduce noise between floors. Installing insulation, will help combat airborne sound. Impact noise can be reduced by using a specialist sound-absorbing floor underlay and/or dense carpets.

However, there are several reasons why these methods can be impractical or ineffective - not least because they all require access to the floor above.

Introducing Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling systems

For cost-effective and space-saving soundproofing between floors, consider Oscar Iso-Mount: a professional-grade noise insulation system that works by creating an isolated floating ceiling that significantly reduces the vibrations and sound pressure waves caused by noise in the rooms above.

The system relies on the patented Iso-Mount Type1 and Type2 acoustic hangers, designed to achieve outstanding acoustic performance with fast and easy installation on any type of ceiling. Type1 is designed for timber joist ceilings and achieves minimum ceiling height loss (as little as 6 mm).  The Type2 allows for installation where plasterboard ceilings cannot be removed, e.g. in listed buildings or under concrete.

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Iso-Mount works by utilising a small rubber block attached to each hanger which breaks the path of vibration, thus reducing noise transfer from above.

Since all the installation work is carried out from the floor below, there’s no need to rely on access permission from neighbouring occupants on upper floors.

The entire soundproof ceiling installation process is quick and hassle-free. What’s more, Iso-Mount gives you complete peace of mind as well as peace and quiet: it has a fire rating of over 90 minutes where required.
Pictured right: Iso-Mount Type1 and Iso-Mount Type2 soundproof ceiling hangers.

Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling system

From houses, flats, conversions, new builds and renovations to commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, shops and restaurants, the Iso-Mount soundproofing ceiling system is ideal for reducing unwanted noise from above.

Oscar Acoustics: experts in soundproof ceilings

The Oscar Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling range has been developed by Oscar Acoustics: a family-run business with over 4 decades of experience in noise isolation, soundproofing and acoustics.

Our soundproofing ceiling systems and thermal acoustic insulation products, combined with our extensive range of architectural acoustic finishes, bring outstanding noise control to any indoor space. Having the most extensive range enables us to offer a product for every project, design and budget. That’s why we are Great Britain’s leading provider of acoustic solutions for buildings.

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