Office reception acoustics

Excellent office reception acoustics without design compromise

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Our SonaSpray and Oscar Elite range are perfect for stylish office reception acoustics

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Reception acoustics working seamlessly with interior designers

With a new design focus on modern and simplistic office reception interiors, offices and their welcome areas are becoming more visually appealing but may not be the most pleasurable place to spend time due to poor reception acoustics. 

With our extensive ranges of recycled, seamless acoustic decorative finishes for the control of noise reverberation in buildings, we aim to help designers create these beautiful and contemporary spaces which offer a equally calm and inviting atmosphere.

We have a range of architectural acoustic finishes for all office interior design.  Whether it be for a fit-out, refurbishment or new build, taking office reception acoustics seriously and removing distractions caused by excess noise will ensure the wellbeing & productivity amongst those that spend time there.  Excellent reception acoustics will ensure you welcome your guests and staff with a warm and tranquil welcome time and time again.

Office reception acoustics

The Halo Building - One Mabledon Place
Credit to Steffian Bradley Architects & Gary Britton Photography

Stylish reverberation control in office receptions with SonaSpray & Oscar Elite 

We have the most extensive ranges of recycled, seamless, acoustic decorative finishes for reverberation control in buildings, offering superb acoustics without having to compromise on design.  From textured acoustic spray to exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster we have can ensure that we have the right acoustic finish to compliment your project.

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Office reception acoustics Installations

20 Farringdon Street - Office reception acoustics

20 Farringdon Street - Office reception acoustics

Oscar Acoustics SonaSpray K-13 in black is the perfect, economical finish for acoustically treating behind mesh and timber suspended feature ceilings.  Achieving excellent office reception acoustics without having to compromise on design.

The Halo Building - No.1 Mabledon Place

The Halo Building - No.1 Mabledon Place

Working with Integra, Oscar Acoustics installed our Oscar Elite exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster to the office reception and meeting room ceilings to control reverberation, give clarity of sound & reduce overall noise levels. 

10 Bloomsbury Way - Office reception acoustics

10 Bloomsbury Way - Office reception acoustics

The introduction of Oscar Elite exceptionally smooth acoustic plaster prevents noise reverberation in this stylish & minimalistic reception area creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere for all staff and visitors.  Getting the office reception acoustics right in your business will create a fine first impression for any would be customer.