15 - Jan - 2021

Oscar Elite in Four Seasons Hotel

Oscar Acoustics ensures a soothing acoustic vibe in Four Seasons Trinity Square, London.

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Ten Trinity Square, now a Four Seasons hotel and residence, was formerly the headquarters of the Port of London Authority. Designed by renowned architect Sir Edwin Cooper, and built-in the Beaux-Arts style, this impressive Grade II*-listed building is majestic of interwar architecture. Once a grand and proud feature of The City skyline, it had fallen on hard times and needed a six-year, multi-million-pound renovation to bring it back to life as a destination hotel. 

A deep respect for London’s history and culture lay at the heart of this project, with the restoration aiming to restore and preserve as many surviving original features as possible. 

Four Seasons is a brand synonymous with providing the ultimate guest experience, from design and ambience to cuisine and comfort. Aukett Swanke architects and Clarke Saunders Acoustics knew the importance of sound quality for creating a positive guest experience. However, when working on such a prestige project, aesthetics are always a top priority and any sound solutions would have to work around visual flourishes. 

That’s why Oscar Acoustics, an expert in architectural acoustic finishes with an appreciation for great design, was tasked with ensuring multiple public areas of Ten Trinity Square possessed the correct acoustic balance. 

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

Rotunda Lounge

Situated in the heart of the hotel is the Rotunda Lounge, which boasts a beautiful domed ceiling and is wrapped in an impressive plaster relief. This is a splendid space, a sumptuous oasis where guests want to relax. However, it is expansive and capped with a wide central dome, increasing the acoustic challenge. Sound reverberation times needed to be kept to a minimum, and getting the acoustic balance would be vital. As the hotel’s social hub, guests and visitors would need to be able to follow a conversation, yet enjoy the buzz and energy of being in the heart of London. 

To solve the problem, ISO 14001 certified Oscar Acoustics used its exceptionally smooth Oscar Elite acoustic plaster, which gives optimal reverberation control. The acoustic finishing plaster was applied onto a mosaic of acoustic Sonaboard and then hand-sanded to give a flawless finish, achieving perfect shapes, not possible with most other systems.

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Oscar Elite acoustic plaster Four Seasons Hotel

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

Unlike traditional plaster, Oscar Elite is a synthetic, A2-s1, d0 & Class 0 fire rated acoustic plaster. It absorbs sound energy instead of reflecting it, thereby reducing reverberation times and overall noise. This gives all-important clarity to speech and music, essential within the Rotunda Lounge, which has regular piano recitals. It’s also only 27mm thick in total, making it the thinnest ‘acoustic plaster’ currently available for its performance. 

Managing Director at Clarke Saunders Acoustics, Ed Clarke commented on how incredible the live jazz sounded in the space. 

"A bit of a first for me; I have never had a musician in tears about how good the acoustics made them sound! We manipulated the acoustics under the reinstated central dome to give musicians just the right balance to support their musical expression, fine-tuning the lounge’s reverberant sound field in the right kind of way. The Oscar Acoustics plaster is a key part of the acoustics finishes design delivering a tonally balanced listening experience."

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster Four Seasons

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster

Merchants Hall

The Merchant’s Hall is another circular space offering similar acoustic challenges. Once again Oscar Acoustics installed Oscar Elite acoustic plaster.

La Dame de Pic Restaurant 

This two Michelin-starred French restaurant from renowned chef Anne-Marie Pic is the perfect place for an intimate dinner a deux or a productive business lunch. This beautiful space has high ceilings, a dual aspect with double-height windows along with mirrored pillars and beautiful bas relief. Mishandled, this room could have turned into a ‘sonic battleground’ with the sound being reflected and bounced around the room. 

To ensure the total experience is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes and stomach, Oscar Acoustics recommended its patented Evo-Blade technology was used in conjunction with Oscar Elite acoustic plaster.  Evo-Blade is an infinity-edge profile (or floating ceiling blade), its recently launched ceiling detail. 

Oscar Elite acoustic plaster Four Seasons restaurant

Visually, the restaurant ceiling rafts appear to be elegant and wafer thin. However, this is an optical illusion created by the Evo-Blade, which disguises the build-up of metal ceiling channel, two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard and 27mm of acoustic plaster, delivering the room’s amazing sound quality, Yet to the diner, it only looks like a statement lighting ceiling. 

Commenting on the project, Ben Hancock at Oscar Acoustics said,

"We all know how frustrating it is to go to a beautiful hotel or restaurant, yet hear a cacophony of noise. Not only does it stop you following conversations, but it also stops you enjoying a relaxing ambience, which in turn has been proven in some cases to prevent people returning to the venue. As you would expect of a hotel such as the Four Seasons, the upmost care has gone into creating a wonderful guest experience and building the acoustic elements into the project."

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