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Product specifications by NBS


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  • Celbar Loosefill - 100% recycled, organic cellulose fibre insulation, blown into party walls and floors to fill voids and increase the acoustic barrier performance of existing structures; acoustically outperforms fibreglass batts.
  • Colinwell EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks - Concrete cellular facing blocks with resonating cavity sound cancellation, resulting in excellent absorption of low frequency sound reverberation and good absorption of mid and high frequency sound reverberation.
  • Oscar Elite - A decorative, highly sound-absorbent finish that appears as smooth white plaster.
  • Oscar Evo-Panel - Class A acoustic panel that absorbs ball and body impact and is suitable for use in sports halls at low level.
  • Oscar Iso-Mount - Isolating hanger for the construction of acoustic ceilings (reduces airborne and impact noise) with as little as 6 mm of ceiling height loss.
  • SonaPanel - Wall-mounted Acoustic Panel systems which are also available in cable-suspended acoustic raft form.
  • SonaSpray fc - A one-coat spray-on acoustic decorative finish for noise reverberation control in interior spaces.
  • SonaSpray fcx - A flat, smooth acoustic decorative coating for the control of noise reverberation in interior spaces that is applied in one visit.
  • SonaSpray K-13 - One-coat, spray on, acoustic finish for sound reverberation and thermal control.
  • SonaSpray K-13 Special - A spray-on (one-coat), decorative mid-textured acoustic finish for noise reverberation control in interior spaces.