Ceiling soundproofing without losing space

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Ceiling soundproofing with minimum ceiling height loss

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Lose as little as 6mm with Iso-Mount Type1

We understand that retaining a rooms height is important to many homeowners and so created Iso-Mount Type1 to ensure that you can protect your home against noisy upstairs neighbours without having to compromise on ceiling height or design.

  • The minimum of ceiling height is lost: as little as 6mm (less than 1/4 inch)
  • All the work is done from the room below; no work is required to the floor above

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How to soundproof a ceiling with minimum ceiling height loss

Our unique Iso-Mount acoustic hanger design combines space saving with isolating acoustics to provide you with the best possible ceiling soundproofing.  Iso-Mount is the ultimate high performance acoustic hanger that exceeds Building Regs Part E & achieves up to a 90 minute fire rating.

Sound travels in two ways: through the air as airborne sound and through solid surfaces as impact sound.  If someone is banging, crashing, jumping or even just talking in the room above you, the vibrations and sound pressure waves will travel through your ceiling, emerging in your home as unwanted noise.  Footsteps, music, voices or any other sounds in an upper floor will generate these vibrations and lead to noise transfer to the room below.

By creating an isolated ceiling using our Iso-Mount Type1 you will stop the vibration that causes the transfer of unwanted noise from floor to floor with minimum ceiling height loss.

  • Minimum ceiling is lost (as little as 6mm).
  • Achieves a fire rating of up to 90 minutes where required.
  • Exceeds British Building regs Doc E for airborne & impact sound.
  • Installed entirely from the room below with no disruption to the room above.
  • Appears no different to a standard plastered ceiling once complete.

Soundproofing without losing space

Soundproofing without losing space

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ceiling soundproofing with minimum ceiling height loss

*The Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling range uses a widely available standard clip-on steel channel.  Oscar Acoustics do not stock steel channel so you can save money by purchasing required amount directly from manufacturers.  We found it online for as little as £0.88 per metre!
Other components are purchased from your local stockist.

Speak to a soundproofing expert

For further advice on ceiling soundproofing without losing space contact one of our soundproofing expets today.

The systems can be installed by a competent DIY person, builders and in many areas we can recommend installers.  You can also enquire about your local Oscar approved installer or apply to become an Oscar approved installer for your area.

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