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SonaSpray K-13 Special - Decorative acoustic ceiling and wall spray

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SonaSpray K-13 Special in black is the ideal solution for nightclub acoustics

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Nightclub acoustics

Night club acoustics

SonaSpray K-13 Special recycled, acoustic decorative finish was specified by R H Partnership in black to control the nightclub acoustics and ensure the comfort and wellbeing of its staff and students.  One of our in-house specialist teams applied it directly to the concrete slab at St Catherine's college in Cambrige to reduce noise reverberation as part of a basement car park conversion to a student bar and club.

The colour black was chosen because it doesn’t reflect light and allows the client optimum control of the lighting throughout the venue whilst also creating an optical illustion as though the ceiling is endless and invisible above the down lights. 

Perfect bar and nightclub acoustics can be easily achieved with our SonaSpray range as it controls unpleasant noise reverberation within the busy space and ensures clarity of speech and music.

This project uses

SonaSpray K-13 Special | Acoustic ceiling spray

SonaSpray K-13 Special

An attractive, seamless, spray applied acoustic finish with a medium texture available in standard and custom colours.

Acoustic ceiling spray ideal for use in offices, sports halls, public spaces, auditoria, classrooms, theatres etc.

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