UK Acoustic Installations

List of Oscar Acoustics' UK installations          


Entertainment / Leisure Establishments

Warner Bros Film Studios & Harry Potter World – 50,000m2    K-13 Black
Olympic Aquatic Centre, Stratford   K-13 Lt. Grey
Ealing Film Studios – Two Studios    K-13 Black
Tate Modern, London - Gallery     K-13 Black
Tate Britain, London - Media Room   K-13 Special tinted violet
O2 Arena Main Stage, O2 Dome, London    K-13 Black
Wembley Stadium – Prior to Bee-Gees Concert    FC Arctic White
Royal Observatory & Planetarium, Greenwich, London    K-13 Black
Microsoft - Gym within office complex, Cambridge   K-13 Black
Ministry of Sound   K-13 White
Warner Bros Studios, The Flight Shed - 6,000m2   K-13 Black
Mandarin Oriental Hotel   Oscar Elite 
Theatre Royal, Plymouth   FC Arctic White
Greenwich Square Swimming Pool   Oscar Elite
Greenwich Centre Library - Large feature wave ceiling in reception   K-13 Special bespoke white
Hilton Bankside, London - Ball Room    FC Arctic White
Man chester Central Library & Town Hall - 1,100m2 dome   K-13 Special bespoke colour
Wymondon Abbey   Oscar Elite
The Laundry, London - Exhibition and Music Venue   K-13 Dark Grey
Birmingham New Street Station - Designer shopping complex   Oscar Elite
York Theatre Royal   FCX Arctic White
City Road, London - Gym, Pool to feature wave ceilings   Oscar Elite
Millennium Dome, London - Heart Room of the Body Zone    K-13 Blood Red
Millennium Dome, Planet Zone    K-13 Black
Hampton Court Palace -  Clore Centre Hall    Oscar Elite
Excel London – Phase 1 Main exhibition Space    K-13 Light Grey
Excel London – Phase 2 Swimming pool area    Oscar Elite White
National Space Science Centre, Leicester - Planetarium    K-13 Black
National Space Science Centre – Planetarium    Celbar
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Nottingham   K-13 Red
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Nottingham   K-13 Purple
O2 Dome Greenwich    K-13 Special in Ivory White
O2 Dome Greenwich    K-13 Special Nobel Dk. Grey
Manchester Central Library & Town Hall - 1,100m2 dome   SonaSpray K-13 Special in bespoke white
Colchester Visual Arts Centre – 3,000m2 of display & function spaces    FCX Artic White
Colchester Visual Arts – Office & Display areas    Oscar Elite White
Centre of Cell Science Project, East London, - Inside of giant blood cell    K-13 Special in Orange
Sea City Museum, Portsmouth – display areas    FCX in Artic White
Butlins, Skegness - Leisure area refurbishment    K-13 Special in White
Bristol Planetarium    K-13 Black
Bristol Planetarium    Celbar
BT Tower, London – Media Room    K-13 White
Crystal Palace Sports Centre, London    FCX in White & Blue
Hippodrome Cinema, The UK's oldest cinema, Bo’ness, Scotland   FC Arctic White
Woking Gallery    Oscar Elite White
Harlow Leisure Centre – Reception    FCX in Arctic White
Koobric at the O2 Dome – Night Club    K-13 Special Lt. Grey
Sports Club, Wentworth – Club Café    FCX White
Woking Galleries    Oscar Elite White
Empire Dance Studios – Soundproofing    SonaCel
Blair & Cramer – Night club    Sonacel
Covent Garden Dance Studio    FC Arctic White
Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith    FC Arctic White
Odeon, Romford - Nightclub    K-13 Black
Clean Break Dance Studio    FC Arctic White
Robin 2 Club - Live Music Rock ‘n’ Roll Club    FC Arctic White
Abrahams & Carlisle – Live Music Venue    FC Beige
Bridgend Swimming Pool    K-13 White
Birmingham Nightclub    K-13 Black
RAF Base - Bowling Alley, Newcastle Upon Tyne    FC White & K13 Grey
Huntercombe Park Golf Club – Functions Room    FC Arctic White
Holmes Place, Kensington - Swimming Pool    FC Arctic White
Holmes Place, Nottingham - Swimming Pool    FC Arctic White
Holmes Place, Farnborough – Swimming Pool    FC Arctic White
Atherton Leisure Centre – Swimming Pool    K-13 Red
Mivan, ‘Printworks’ - Entertainment Complex Manchester    FC Arctic White
Mivan, ‘Printworks’ - Entertainment Complex Manchester    K-13 Black
Lakeside Hotel, Cumbria - Swimming Pool    K-13 Arctic White K-13 Black
Gillingham Football Club – Entertainment Centre    K-13 Black/Sonacel
Monkey World, Bournemouth – monkey sanctuary    K-13 Beige
Porton Rovers FC – Football club    FC Arctic White
Cinema, Buitlh Wells, Wales    K-13 Lt.grey/Dark grey/ Black
Cannons – Health Club, Warwick    K-13 Beige
Harley Street Swimming Pool    FC white
‘G’ Spot Night Club, Hastings    Sonacel
Park Portfolio, Leicester, The ‘Showrooms’ Bar    Sonacel
Quigleys Q Bar    K-13 Special
Quigleys Q Bar   Sonacel
Beechdown Club – Creche    FC Arctic White
Stanley Casino, Reading – Dining Area    FC Arctic White
Curzon Cinema, London    K-13 Black
Curzon Cinema, London    K-13 Beige
Night Club, Inverness High Street, Scotland    Sonacel
The Drum Theatre, Birmingham   K-13 Light Grey
The Drum Theatre, Birmingham    K-13 Special White
The Drum Theatre, Birmingham    Sonacel
The Lowry Centre, Salford Quays    K-13 Light grey
The Park City Hotel    Celbar
Studio Theatre, Salisbury    K-13 Special Midnight Blue
Studio Theatre, Salisbury    K-13 White
Towcester Leisure Centre, Northampton    Celbar
Life Science Centre, Newcastle    K-13 Black
Burnley Leisure Centre Swimming Pool    K-13 Special White
Kro Bar, Manchester    FCX White
The Red Church (OMG Bars) London    FCX White
Charlton & Hendry Snooker Rooms, Swanley    Sonacel/Celbar
Chatsworth Hotel, Hastings    Celbar
Hollington House, Newbury, Badminton Hall walls    FCX Arctic White
Stewarton Sports Facility, Nr. Glasgow, Scotland – Sports Hall    K-13 Special
Leeds University Student Bar    K-13 Black
Hothorpe Hall, Nottingham    FC Arctic White
Inventive Leisure - Club in London     K-13 Bla
London Transport Museum    K-13 Secial White
Black Lion Leisure Centre, Gillingham, Kent – Main Sports Hall    K-13 pecial Green
Revolution Night Club & Bar, York    K-13Silver Grey
Frenford Youth Club, Essex – Music Room     FCX Artic White 
Cannock Chase Leisure Centre    K-13 Special White
Corringham Leisure Centre, Essex - Applied to upper walls in pool area   K-13 Special in Light Grey
Tennant's Auctioneers, Yorkshire Dales - Main Auction Hall   FC Arctic White
New Walk Museum   Oscar Elite in Wimborn White
St. Brides Foundation, London - Main meeting and conference area   Oscar Elite White
Chisenhale Gallery, London   K-13 Special White
Rosewood Hotel, London - Pub / bar   FCX painted
Streatham Hub, London - Main Pool   K-13 Special in White 
Streatham Hub, London - Sports Hall   K- 13 Light Grey
Penarth Pier   K-13 Special Black
Streatham Hub, London - Learner Pool   Oscar Elite
Sevenoaks Sound & Vision, Maidstone - Audio demo room   SonaPanels
Davis Zwirner Gallery, London   Oscar Elite
Runcorn Hill Visitors Centre   K-13 Special White
The Pink Gallery, London   Oscar Elite
Bangor Swimming Pool   K-13 White

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Royal Academy of Arts, London - Architects room, Café, meeting rooms & corridors   Oscar Elite
Royal Institute of Radiologists   Oscar Elite
Royal Academy of Music   FCX Arctic White
Glasgow School of Art - Feature classrooms, corridors & stairs   FCX Arctic White
Blavatnik, School of Government, Oxford - Atrium, lecture theatre, seminar rooms   FC Arctic White & Black
Rowett Institute of Nutritional Health, Aberdeen   Oscar Elite White
University of East Anglia   K-13 White
Twickenham Academy -Sports Hall   Oscar Evo-Panels
Boardman House Architectural College, Norwich   FCX Arctic White
University Birmingham, Muirhead Tower – 8,000m2 of coffered office ceilings   FCX Arctic White
Eton College, Windsor – Main Hall / Auditorium   FCX Arctic White
Oxford New College, Founders Library   Oscar Elite, Oyster White
Merton College, Oxford – Lecture Theatre   Oscar Elite White
Downing College, Cambridge – Lecture Theatre   Oscar Elite White
Bedford Academy – Sports Hall    Oscar Evo-Panels
Bedford  Academy – Sports Hall    K-13 White
Darwen Vale  High School    Custom design Acoustic Fins
Darwen Vale  High School    K-13 Special White
St. Pauls Way School, Tower Hamlets, London  – Corridors & atria, 3,000m2   K-13 Special
St. Pauls Way School, Tower Hamlets, London  – Sports Hall   SonaPanel Acoustic Panels
Bexley College, 3,000m2 of classrooms   FC Arctic White
Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge   FC Arctic White
The Old Chaple, St John's School, Leatherhead   Oscar Elite
Torquay Girls Grammar   EchoCheck acoustic blocks
University of Herts - Two large Halls   K-13 Black
Aldwickbury School, Herts   FCX Arctic White
Concore College - Dining hall   SonaSpray fc Arctic White
Chiltern Skills - Classrooms   K-13 Special
Wapping Free School, London - Open plan school. Classrooms, corridors, entrance   K-13 Light Grey
St. Aldhelms Academy, Poole - Class rooms and halls.  Profiled and flat soffits   K-13 Nobel Grey
Raines Foundation School, London - Main entrance, feature corridors and library   FCX Arctic White, FC Arctic White, K-13 Special
Godwin Primary School   K-13 Special White
St. Stephen's School, London   FC Arctic White
Gifford Primary School, Northolt - Classrooms and feature reception ceilings   FCX Arctic White 
Ripple Primary School, Barking - Dining Hall   K-13 Special White
Farmors School   FC Arctic White
Eastbury Primary School, Barking - School Hall   K-13 Special White
Roding Primary School, Dagenham   K-13 Special White
James Cambell Primary School, Dagenham   K-13 Special White
Ludham Garages, London - Charity Training Centre   K-13 Special Dark Grey/Green
Cornelius School   Celbar + Iso-Mounts
Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies   Oscar Elite white
Penarth Learning Centre - Sports Hall   K-13 Special Green
Archbishops Beck School, Liverpool - Sports Hall   Oscar Evo-Panels
Loncause School, Plymouth - Sports Hall   Oscar Evo-Panels
Loncause School, Plymouth - Sports Hall   K-13 Special White
EF Language School, Cambridge   FC Arctic White
Laban, New Cross, London - extertainment spaces   K-13 Light Grey
University of West London   K-13
 Hornsey School for Girls    Evo-Panels
 Hornsey School for Girls    K-13 Special light grey
 St. Thomas School, Greenfield    SonaPanels
 Archer Academy, Finchley    EchoCheck acoustic blocks
 Burbage School, London    SoundRafts
 New Chapter Primary School    K-13 Special White
 Parsloes Primary School, Dagenham    K-13 Special White
 Walthamstow School - Hall    EchoCheck acoustic blocks
 St. Lukes Theatre, Bedford School    K-13 Light Grey
 Highgate Junior School, London    FCX Arctic White
 Hillsborough Performing Arts College    K-13 Black
 Christchurch Primary    FC Arctic White
 Harraby Community Campus School Phase 2, Walsall   K-13 White  
Epsom College, Surrey – Dining areas   FC Artic White
Hope Academy, St. Helens – Main Reception, Giant Pods   FCX painted yellow
Hope Academy, St. Helens – Activity and assembly hall   K-13 Special Dark & Light Grey
Hope Academy, St. Helens – Sports Hall   SonaPanels in Grey/Blue
University of Leicester – Feature barrel vault ceiling in large atrium   FC Arctic White
Frank Barnes School, North West London   FCX Arctic White
St. Pauls Way Comm. School, London – 3,000m2 of Corridors and balconies    K-13 Special
St. Pauls Way Comm. School, London – 3,000m2 of Corridors and balconies    K-13 Special
Hertford Regional College, Broxbourne Campus – TV Studio / Main Hall    K-13 Black
Crownwoods School, South East London    SoundBlox
Unity College & Learning Centre, Burnley – Corridors    K-13 Black
Morisden Heights, Burnley – Corridors    K-13 Black
Archway School, Stroud – Class rooms     K-13 Special
Suffolk 1 College, Ipswich – Class rooms and workshops   K-13 Special White
Bedford School – Main sports and dining hall   FC in Arctic White
Halesowen College – Lecture Theatre    K-13 Black
South Cheshire College    SoundBlox
St. Olaves School, York – Main hall barrel vault ceiling    FCX with Oscar Elite coating
John Moores University, Liverpool – Atrium     Oscar Elite White
Sir Frank Markham School, Milton Keynes    SoundBlox
Warwick University – Student Uni Bar    K-13 Black
N.Bucks University    SoundBlox
West Hove School – Canteen    K-13 Special  White
South Thames College, Wandsworth – Hall    K-13 Special White
Thamesmead School, Shepperton – Hall    K-13 Special White
Meadowside Primary School, Glos – Classroom    FC Arctic White
NUWI College, Rexham – Lecture theatre    K-13 Black
Churchers College, Petersfield – Main Hall    FC Arctic White
Sir John Law School, Herts     K-13 Special White
Cambells School, Dagenham – Main Hall    FC Arctic White
Valence School, Dagenham – Main Hall    FC Arctic White
Hunters Primary School, Dagenham – Main Hall    FC Arctic White
Warren Junior School    FC Arctic White
UCL, London - Student Union Café    K-13 Black
Pendlevale College – Corridors    K-13 Black
Kings Hill School – new building    FC ArcticWhite
Colfox School – Dining Hall     FC Arctic White
Colfox School – Gymnasium    K-13 Grey
Whitely Primary School – Gymnasium    FC Arctic White
Sevenoaks School – Office, Listed Grade 2* Building    FC Arctic White
High View Primary School - Classroom    FC Arctic White
Richmond University – Library 3 Floors    FC Arctic White
Newham College – Main Hall     FC Arctic White
Newham College     Celbar
Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College - Reception    FC Arctic White
Newhall College, Cambridge –dining hall    FC Arctic White
Lady Ellenor Holles School – Sports Hall    K-13 White
The Mall School – Science Laboratories    FC Arctic White
The Mall School – dining hall    FC Arctic White
North Cumbria Technical College, Carlisle  – Sports Hall    K-13 Lt. Grey
University of Portsmouth – workshops    K-13 White
Moat School – Classrooms and main hall    FC Arctic White
Northampton School for Girls – Performing Arts Studio & Main hall    K-13 Lt.Grey/K-13 
Bromley Youth Music Centre – Practice Rooms    K-13 Lt. Grey
Tany’s Dell School, Harlow    K-13 beige
North Herts College, Stevenage    FC Arctic White
Lighthorne Heath School, Warwick    Sonacel
Rickling School, Essex    FC Arctic White
Rosemary Murray Library, Cambridge    FC Arctic White
Meadowside Primary School – Main Hall    FC Arctic White
Meadowside Primary School  -  Classrooms    K-13 White
Milestone School, Kent – dining hall    FC Arctic White
Milestone School, Kent – drama hall     K-13 Special White
Milestone School, Kent – Several Classrooms    K-13 Special White
Peartree Spring Junior School, Herts – Main hall    K-13 White
BRIT School of Performing Arts, Croydon    FC Arctic White
St Josephs RC School, Port Talbot – New hall    K-13 Beige
Queenswell Infants School – Main hall    FC Arctic White
Maple Tree School –main hall    K-13 White
Maple Tree School – Gymnasium    FC Arctic
Rush Green Infant School – Main Hall    FCX Spray Finish
Cambridge University, Lecture Theatre, Dept of Chemistry    K-13 Light Grey
Saltash School – New Laboratories    K-13 Special White
Woodlands Primary School, Gillingham – Arts & Drama Hall    K-13 White & Sonacel
Reading University    FC Arctic White
Fulston Manor School, Millennium Hall    K-13 Special White
Highgate & Blanche Neville School, Sumner Centre, Classrooms    FC Arctic White
Highgate & Blanche Neville School, Sumner Centre, Gymnasium    K-13 Special White
Tiverton School, Coventry –Main Hall    K-13 Special White
Bournemouth University, Student Union    Sonacel & Celbar
Chiddingly School    K-13 Beige
Catherine Wayte Primary School    K-13 Special White
Vale of Ancholme Technology School    Sonacel & Celbar
Clore Tikva School    K-13 Special White
Ecclesfield School    K-13 Special White
King Edward VII Lower School    K-13 Special White
Bourton on the Water Primary School    K-13 Special White
Shevington High School    FC Arctic White
Stirling University, Psychology Dept    K-13 Special Dark blue
Tower Hamlets College    FC Arctic White
Dagenham Infants & William Ford School    FC Arctic White
Fawkham Primary School    K-13 Special White
Hernhill School    K-13 special White
Stoke Newington School    FC Arctic White
The Brit School, Croydon    K-13 White
Frith Manor Primary School, London    FC Arctic White 
Wells Blue School, Wells, Somerset    K-13 Special White
Eastbury Comprehensive School    K-13 Special white
Stoke on Trent College, Burslam    K-13 Special White
Lamberburst Primary School, Kent    FC Arctic White
Eltham Primary School, Kent    K-13 Special white
Elliott Secondary School, London    FC Arctic White
Ilfracombe College, Ilfracombe    K-13 Special White
Ecclesfield School, Sheffield    K-13 Special White
Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth, Theatre Hall & dining    K-13 Black
Fulham Prep School, Fulham    FCX White
Millfield Community School    FC Arctic White
Star Lane Primary School, Canning Town, London    FC Arctic White
Stoke Newington School, London    FC Arctic White
Salisbury School, London    FC Arctic White
St Nicholas & Trinity Schools, Radstock    K-13 Special White
Timbercroft Primary School, Plumstead, London    FC Arctic White
Ilford County High School for Boys      K-13 White
Westminster University, Harrow    SoundBlox
Westminster University, Harrow    K-13 Black
Westminster University, Harrow    FC Arctic White
Downing College, Cambridge    Oscar Elite White
Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs    FC Arctic White
Low Hill Nursery, Wolverhampton    K-13 Special, White
UCLAN, Preston, Student Union bar & theatre    K-13 Black/Celbar
York College Workshops & Classrooms    K-13 Special, Light Grey
Paddington Green School, London, Classrooms & Hall    FCX, Arctic White
De Montfort University, Leicester City Centre, Performance space    K-13 Black
Avon Valley School, Rugby    FC Arctic White
Avon Valley School, Rugby    K-13 black
King Ethelbert School    SoundBlox
Kingswood Primary School    K-13 Special, White
Sevenoaks Prep School    K-13 Special to hall & Stage
Temple Speech Room at Rugby School    FCX White
Leicester Performing  Arts Centre    K-13 Black
King Edmunds Community School    K-13 Special light grey
Rooks Heath High School, Harrow    K-13 Special, White
Furness School, Hextable, Swanley    Sonacel / Celbar
Churchers College Sports Hall    K-13 Blue
King Ethelberts School, Birchington    K-13 Green
Ellen Wilkinson School, London    K-13 Special, White 
Henry Green Primary School, Dagenham – Hall    K-13 Special White
St. Winifred School, Crawley, Kent – Corridors    FCX Arctic White
Westover Primary School    FCX Arctic White
Parkerknoll Junior School    FC Sky Blue
Ellen Academy    Sonacel / Celbar
Wyedean School, Chepstow    K-13 Special
Croydon School    SoundBlox
Ellen Wilkinson School, Beckton, London    K-13 Special
Ty Gwyn Special School, Cardiff – Class rooms    FCX Arctic White
Longridge Primary school, West Lothian - Hall    SonaSpray K-13 White
University of Surrey, Guilford – Hall    SoundBlox
Khalsa School, Southall, London – Main Hall    FC Artic
UCL Beit Quad Student Union – Bar    FCX Artic White
UCL Beit Quad Student Union – Club    K-13 Dark Nobel Grey
University of Surrey – Music room    K-13 White
St. Mary Abbott School, Kensington, London    FCX Artic White
St. Annes School, Morden, Surrey – Indoor Pool & Sports Hall    K-13 Special
Liverpool University – Apex Building    SoundBlox
The Mouse House, UCL, London – Rehearsal room    K-13 Special
St. Faiths School, Cambridge – Sports Hall    K-13 Special
Globe Academy, London – Classrooms    FC Artic White
Droylesden Academy, Manchester – Corridors    K-13 Black
Droylesden Academy, Manchester – Sports Hall    K-13 White
Greenhead School, Keighley, Bradford  - Indoor swimming pool    FC Artic White
Grange Technology College, Bradford – Indoor swimming pool    FC Artic White
Monteagle Primary School, Dagenham, Essex – Dining & Hall areas    K-13 Special 
Christchurch School, Walsall – all classrooms    FC Artic White 
St. Nicholas School, Radstock – Hall    K-13 Special
Warwichshire College, Rugby – Classrooms and Main Hall    K-13 Special
Trinity School, Radstock – Teaching hall    K-13 Special
Oaklands School, Tower Hamlets, London – Applied to metal decking    K-13 Special
Plumstead Manor School – Sports Hall    SoundBlox
Somerville College, Oxford – Hall    Oscar Elite
Queenswell Infnants School – Dining area    FC Arctic White
Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College – Restaurant    FC Arctic Whit
Monteagle Primary School, Dagenham – 2nd Hall    K-13 Special White
Central Sussex College    SoundBlox
St. Catherin’s College, Cambridge – Student Union    K-13 Special Black
St. John’s College, School of Divinity     K-13 Special White
Brit School, Croydon    K-13 Light Grey
New Norwood School, London - Class rooms    FC in Arctic White
Stoneyhurst College - Dining Hall    Oscar Elite
Canterbury College - Student Union Bar & Coffee Room    K-13 in black
University of Central London - offices    SoundRafts
Southville Junior School, Feltham - Dining Hall    FC in Arctic White
Ebbw Vale Sport & Leisure, Civic Centre - Wales    SoundBlox
Nescot College, Epsom - Adrain Mann Theatre    K-13 in black
Nescot College, Epsom - Adrain Mann Theatre    SoundRafts
Univerasity of Herts, Western Atrium    FC in Arctic White
Birmingham University, Muirhead Tower - Level reconfiguration works    FCX in Arctic White
Hampton Academy - Classrooms    SonaPanels
Twickenham Academy - Communial spaces and corridors    FC in Arctic White
Eden Vale Primary School, London - Main Hall    SonaPanels in White
Bradford University    Oscar Elite


The Wolsely, London    FCX with Oscar Elite top coat
St. Pancras Grand, Euro Star Terminal – Dining area    Oscar Elite with Gold Leaf
Nopi Restaurant, Soho, London – Upstairs & downstairs dining areas    FCX with Oscar Elite top coat
Jamies Trattoria, Tunbridge Wells   Iso-Mounts & Celbar
Rosewood Hotel, London - Main Bar   Iso-Mounts & Celbar
Rosewood Hotel, London - Main restaurant   FCX painted brown for velvet effect
Tom's Kitchen, London   Oscar Elite painted
Hawksmoor Restaurant, Knightsbridge   K-13 Light Grey
Alec's Restaurant, Essex   Oscar Elite Light Grey
Gordon Ramsay, Heddon Street Kitchen   FC Arctic White
OTTOLENGHI Spitalfields   K-13 White
Franco's Restaurant   Oscar Elite
ASK restaurant, Picadilly Gardens, Manchester   K-13 Special bespoke green
Byron restaurant, Picadilly Gardens, Manchester   K-13 Black
Mews of Mayfair, London  – Upstairs restaurant    FC Artic White
Nobu Restaurant, London    Oscar Elite White
Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London - McDonalds Restaurant    FC Arctic White
Boundry St, London – Basement Restaurant    Oscar Elite painted in Blue
Grosvenor Square Restaurant, London    Oscar Elite White
Saf, London - Restaurant & Bar    FCX White
Café Luc, Marylebone Street, London – Dining area    Oscar Elite painted
El Torito Restaurant    Oscar Elite White
Beechdown Club – Brasserie    FC Arctic White
Brazz Restaurant, Cardiff Millennium Centre    Oscar Elite White
Black Tiles Restaurant, Ipswich    FCX White
The Village Pub, Liverpool    Celbar
Ordnance Survey Staff Restaurant, Southampton    K-13 White
Peterborough Leisure Centre - Theme Restaurant    K-13 Black
Sutton Hall – Dining area    FCX White
Tower Wharf Café, Tower Bridge, London    FCX Arctic White
Mere e Pere, Soho, London    SoundRafts
Rock Food Concepts, Victoria Street, Isle of Mann    K-13 Black


Jaguar Land Rover, new engine production line   Evo-Panel Industrial
Essex Waste processing facility - 9,000m2   K-13 Light Grey
Fedex Depot, Tottenham   K-13 Light Grey
Pedigree Petfoods     K-13 Beige
Southern Electric – Production Areas,    K-13 Grey
Robert Bosch Alternator Factory, Wales  – Production Area    K-13 Grey
Kier Build Bristol Harbourside - Plantroom    K-13 Light Grey
York Refrigeration – Plant Room, Manchester    K-13 White
Clays Printers – Production Area    K-13 Lt grey
Ibis Hotel, Leicester    Sonatherm
H.V. Wooding – Factory   K-13 Light Grey
H.V. Wooding – Factory   SoundBlox
H.V. Wooding – Factory 2   SoundBlox
North Norfolk Railway   Oscar Evo-Panels
Silchester Garages   EchoCheck acoustic blocks
Hidden Jewel Distillery, Scotland   EchoCheck 140 acoustic blocks
M S A, Poole – Production Area    K-13 Grey
A & J Bull    K-13 Light Grey
Wildgoose Construction – Factory    K-13 Lt. Grey
Leigh Spinners – Factory    K-13 Beige
Swindon Data Centre, Loading Bay    K-13 Light Grey
Kershaw Contracting – Car Par soffit Hammersmith    K-13 Light Grey
Seco Tools - factory / warehouse    K-13 Special in white


Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – Feature meeting room ceiling    Oscar Elite White
Microsoft - Offices, Cambridge   K-13 Black
Canary Wharf, London - Open paln offices    K-13 Special in White
Old Bank of England Offices, Birmingham   FC Arctic White
Rolls Royce HQ, London   K-13 White
Islington Coucil Offices, London   K-13 Special White
CocaCola, London   K-13 Black
PRS, Streatham, London   FCX Arctic White
Airbus, Pegasus House, Bristol - Offices   FC Arctic White
Net-a-Porter, Westfield, London - Meeting Rooms   Oscar Elite
Estee Lauder, London   K-13 Black
Morgan Stanley, Canary Wharf - feature cured raft ceiling   Oscar Elite
Fidelity Worldwide Investments - offices    Oscar Elite, White
British Telecom, Faraday House, London    K-13 Special White
British Gas, TVP, Reading – Office Reception   FC Arctic White
CNN – Newsroom, London    K-13 Dark Silver Grey
Novartis Pharmaceutical’s – Meeting rooms    FCX Artic White
Royal Mail, Sunninghilll D.O. Ascot    FCX Arctic White

Palace Exchange, Enfield – Offices/Auditoriuk 

  K-13 black
Agincourt Studio, Camden, London    FC Arctic White
Notting Contemporary Arts - offices   K-13 Red
Birmingham City Council, Lancaster Circus – All offices    FC Arctic White
Colchester Visual Arts Centre - offices   Oscar Elite, White
The Climate Group, County Hall, London – Meeting & conference rooms    K-13 Special White
40 The Strand – Reception atrium    Oscar Elite
30 Plantation Place, London City – Company Inspiration Zone    K-13 Special Black
Enterprise House, London     K-13 Light Grey
Ropemaker Street offices, London – Attrium    Oscar Elite White
Snow Hill offices, Birmingham – Attrium    Oscar Elite White / SonaSpray fcx
Victoria Street Offices, Bristol – Reception    Oscar Elite White
Queensway Office, Birmingham – Attriums & walk ways    FCX with Sonacoustic Finish
Emlyn Hughes House, Barrow-in-Furness – Offices    FC Arctic White
Forthglen Invenstments Ltd – Offices    K-13 Special lt. grey
Visitor Centre – Bristol    FC Arctic White
Melbourne Science Park – Reception, Offices    FC Arctic White
Anglia Television – Newsroom / Offices    FC Arctic White
International House, Ashford – Offices    Sonatherm
Ordnance Survey, Exhibition Centre, Southampton    K-13 Black
Turner House, London    K-13 Special, White
Leapfrog, Windsor – Offices    FC Arctic White
Atlantic House, London – Auditorium    K-13 Black
King Charles Street, Whitehall    Sonacel
Portman House, Reading –    K-13 Special White
Energis, Reading    FC Arctic White
Barrow Gateway    FC White
Corporate HQ Offices in Reading    FC Arctic White
Tredomen Council Offices, Atrium    FC, Arctic White
Wates Interiors, Atrium/Offices    Oscar Elite White
Bourne Salads, Lincolnshire – Offices    FC Arctic White
1 Bishops Gate, London - Offices and meeting rooms    SoundRafts, Triangular, multi-colours
TCC Global, London - Meeting rooms   FCX Artic White
TCC Global, London - Idea rooms   K-13 Special Black
Sonic Enterprises   SonaPanels
Conosco   Oscar SoundRafts
Yum International (owner of KFC), Woking   FC Arctic White
St. Georges Court, London   Oscar Elite
Marcus Evans Group, London   SonaPanels
Redevco Uk Ltd - Meeting rooms   SonaPanels
British Land, London - Meeting Rooms   K-13 Black
Church Gate offices, Manchester.  Main reception   FCX Arctic White
Mappin House, London   FC Arctic White
Wardour Street, London - offices   Oscar Elite
Westbourne Grove Mews   Oscar Elite
Clothworker Hall - reception   Oscar Elite

Community Halls

Winchester Guild Hall – Main full height ceiling panels    FCX painted blue
Winchester Guild Hall – Lower hall ceilings    Oscar Elite White
Leamington Spa Assembly Hall – Centre Dome Ceiling    FC Arctic White
Claygate Girl Guides, Foxwarren Hall, Esher, Surrey – Main Hall.  Click to see reference   FC Arctic White
Jain Community Centre, Manchester – Multi-use Sports Hall    K-13 Special Grey
Jain Community Centre, Manchester – Multi-use Sports Hall   SonaPanels in Beige
Foxton Hall, Leicestershire    FCX Arctic White
Burland Hall    FC White
Northampton Village Hall    FC White
Oxfordshire Hall    FC White
Oxfordshire Hall    K-13
Buntingford Community Hall    K-13 Grey & Black
Sycamore Community Hall    K-13 Beige
Old Stratford Parish Council    K-13 Beige
1st East Grinstead Scouts Group (Scout Hall)    K-13 Beige
Ahmadiyya Muslim Assoc. U.K., London    K-13 Lt.grey
Hucclecoat Village Hall, Gloucester    FC Arctic White
Kilmarnock Village Hall, Scotland    FC Arctic White
The Youth Centre, Stevenage    K-13 Black
The Youth Centre, Stevenage    K-13
Greenhithe Community Centre    K-13 Special White
Yardley Hastings Memorial Hall    K-13 Special White
Cottered Village Hall    K-13 Special White
Hatton Park Village Hall, Warwick    K-13 Special White
Welford Youth & Community Centre    K-13 Special White
St Giles Community Centre 2 x halls    FC Arctic White
Datchworth Village Hall    FC Arctic White
Burnham-on-sea Scout Hall   K-13 Ivory White
Burnham-on-sea Scout Hall   K-13 Special light grey
St. Andrews Community Centre, Collumpton    FCX Artic White
Dane Hill Memorial Hall    K-13 Beige
Bolney Meadows Comm. Centre, London – Main Hall    K-13 Special White
Ridgeway Scouts Hut    K-13 Special, Grey Green
Robin Hood Activity Centre, Nottingham    K-13 Special White
Deryshire Hill Community Centre   Oscar Evo-Panels

Religoius Buildings

Manor Drive Methodist Church   K-13 Special
Reigate Baptist Church    K-13 Special
Gurdwara Temple, Southall    K-13 special white
Oxford Mosque    FC Arctic White
South Manchester Synagogue    FCX Arctic White
Sheffield Buddhist Centre    K-13 Off White
Sheffield Buddhist Centre    K-13 Dark Blue
Newhaven Church, Edinburgh    FC Arctic White
Christian Community Chapel    FC over painted 3-colours
Holy Trinity Church Yorkshire    FC White
St. Pauls Church, Canterbury – Church Hall    FC in White
Christ the King Church, Cork, Ireland (Irish Heritage)    K-13 Special, beige
St Lukes Church, Old Street, London    FC Arctic white
St Teresa’s RC Church, Princes, Risborough    FC Arctic white
St Thomas the Apostle Church, London, (English Heritage)    FC white
St Nicholas Church, Undercroft    FC Arctic White
Methodist Church Southgate, London    K-13 Special White
St Michaels Church, Ashford, Middx    FC Arctic White
Church of the Sacred Heart, Sheffield    FCX Arctic White
Religious Meeting Place, Bakewell Friends Meeting House    FCX Arctic White
St. Nicholas Parochial Hall    K-13 Special
Metropolitan Tabernacle    FC Arctic White
St. Peters Church,  Wolvercote    SonaPanels

Christ Church House, Cockfosters - Main Hall

  FC in Arctic White
Temple Lodge Chaple, London   FCX Arctic White
Rugby Church   K-13 Special Mid-Blue
St. Margarets Church - Upper Hall ceiling   K-13 Special
Golders Green Synogue   FC in Arctic White
Holy Name RC Church   K-13 Special
MBC Winchester   FC & FCX Arctic White
St. Peters Church,  London    SonaPanels
Beth Shalom Synagogue, Cambridge   FC Arctic White
Anoopam Mission, Deham, Middlesex   FC Arctic White


Grand Designs project, London – As on Channel 4    Oscar Elite
Wetlands Centre, Preston – Wildlife Exhibition Centre (6 large buildings)   K-13 Special (2 custom colours)
Sotheby’s – Gallery feature curved ceilings    Oscar Elite
UK Supreme Court – Restaurant    SonaPanels White
Finchley Memorial Hospital – Receptions, Atria, corridors    FCX Arctic White
Celine flagship store, London   K-13 light grey
Sainsbury's Blackpool - Loading bay   K-13 Grey
Nationwide Building Society, London - Flag ship store   Oscar Elite
Basingstoke Retirement Home - Thermal control for basement car parks   Celbar
Basingstoke Retirement Home - Acousticl control for basement car parks   FC in Arctic White
Torquay Street appartments, London.  Lobbies   FCX Artctic White
Warwick House, Seaford - Library   K-13 Special
Burrows Hill Farm - Swimming pool   FC Arctic White
St. James Place, St. James Park, London - private apartment   Oscar Elite
Chichester Town Hall   Oscar Elite
New South Glasgow Hospital, Plant rooms    K-13 Special Light Grey
Julian Hospital, Norwich – Cylindrical Atrium & Light Well    Oscar Elite 
Network Rail, Saltley Signal Centre, Birmingham    K-13 White
Cancer Research Lab, Chelsea, London    Oscar Elite White
Marks & Spencer, Waterloo Station    K-13 Black
The London Mosque, TV Recording Studio    K-13 Special Noble Dark grey
The London Mosque, TV Recording Studio    K-13 Black
Manchester Central Library    FC Artic White
Beds Police H.Q. (Firing range)    FC White
Hendon Magistrates Court    FCX Arctic White
Holiday Inn Express, Wimbledon, London, 40 bedrooms    Celbar
Private Pool, Harley Street, London    FC White
Coome Abbey Hotel, Coventry – Corridors    Oscar Elite White
The Phillimores luxury apartments Kensington – Reception / Landings    Oscar Elite White
Fullwell Cross Library, Barking Side, Essex    K-13 Special
Water Treatment Works, Wilmslow    K-13 White
Turkey Mill, Maidstone – Wedding & function room    FCX Arctic White 
Private House, Birmingham – Sprayed through the entire house    FCX White
Frenford Youth Club, Redbridge    FCX Arctic White
Private House, Newbury – Large kitchen and entrance hall    Oscar Elite White
Henry Boot – Leicester Constabulary    K-13 White
Apartments, Peckham, London – Stairways    FCX Artic White
First floor flat – Sound proofing floor    Celbar
Private House, Fordingbridge    Oscar Elite White
Denne – Underground parking, London    Sonatherm
Atlantic House, London – Auditorium    K-13 Black
Warwick House, Malvern, luxury accommodation    Celbar
Holland Park Avenue, London, shop and accommodation above/below    Celbar
New River Village, Hornsey    K-13 Special Light grey
Cheltenham Builders – private accommodation    Sonacel
Kaybridge – Grosvenor Dock, Chelsea – luxury accommodation    Sonacel
Chatterbox Day Nursery    Sonacel
Funeral Headquarters, Colchester    K-13 Special white
106 Parkway, Camden    Celbar
The Wergs, Wolverhampton    Celbar
Stopps, Chester Terrace, London    Celbar
Luxury House, Knightsbridge, London    Oscar Elite White
Godwin House, St Pauls, Bristol, basement car park    Sonatherm
Housing, Islington, London    Celbar
Halfway Farm Hydrotherapy Centre for Animals    FC Arctic White
Swan County Homes Domestic Development, Dorset     FC Arctic White
Swimming pool in private dwelling    FCX Arctic White
Domestic Development, Richmond     Oscar Elite White
Moss Construction,. Lichfield, Common areas in apartments    FC Arctic White
Denne Construction, Apartments, Croydon    K-13 special, White
Domestic Residence, Leicester    Celbar
Vale of Glamorgan Depot, Barry    SoundBlox
Domestic Residence, Kent    Celbar
Smurfit Kappa    Acoustic Engineering
Domestic Residence, North West London    Celbar
Domestic Residence, West London – Kitchen / Dining area ceiling    Oscar Elite White
Cleveland House (apartments), Ilkley – Hall ways and landings    Oscar Elite White
Flats in Warwick Avenue, London – Fill ceiling voids between flats    Celbar
Domestic Residence, Holland Park, West London    Oscar Elite White
Flats, Harrow Road,  West London – All corridor and stair ceilings    FC Arctic White
New Horizon Youth Centre, Kings Cross, London – Reception and Dining area    K-13 Special White
Private luxury basement spa & pool, Holland Park, London    FCX with Oscar Elite coating
Private indoor pool, Rendam, Suffolk    K-13 Off White
Private indoor pool, St. Albans, Herts    FCX Artic White
Domestic Residence, St. Albans, Herts – bedrooms, living areas, halls    Oscar Elite White
Domestic Residence, Seymore Walk, London – Basement    Oscar Elite White
Private Basement pool, Mayfield, Sussex    FC Artic White
Domestic Residence, Chelsea, London – Basement Pool Area    Oscar Elite White
Private Residence, Maidstone – Soundproofing apartment conversion    SonaCel & Celbar
Domestic Residence, Bosham     Oscar Elite White
Private Residence, Henfield, Sussex  – Home Cinema   SonaPanel Home Theatre
Trinity Substation    SoundBlox N2x
Basement Flat convertion - Spave saving sound proof ceiling    Oscar Iso-Mount
Domestic residence, Soundproofing - Warwick    Celbar
Riverlight Luxuary Residential Development, Marketing Suite - London    Oscar Elite
Darnall Medical Centre, Sheffield - Plant rooms    K-13 Special in White
Mansion Domestic Residence - Giant underground tennis courts & Gymnasium    K-13 Special in White
Bellway Homes, London - Walls and ceilings for noise transfer   Celbar
Southampton Street, Covent Garden - Lobbies   Oscar Elite
Waterstone Close, Itchenor - Downstairs private home   Oscar Elite
Cannon Street, Deal   Celbar
Lloyd Hall   FC Arctic White
Moore Mill   Iso-Mounts
York House, Kensington - Penthouse   Oscar Elite
Coln Park   EchoCheck 140 acoustic blocks
Project H, London   Oscar Elite

Acoustic Projects

Acoustic Coatings
Asbestos Replacement
Auditorium Acoustics
Church Acoustics
Club Acoustics
Club Sound Proofing
Concert Hall Acoustics
Decorative Coatings
Echo Problem
Gallery Acoustics
Office Acoustics
Recording Studio Acoustics
Restaurant Acoustics
School Acoustics
Sports Hall Acoustics
Stadium Acoustics
Swimming Pool Acoustics
Temple Acoustics
Theatre Acoustics Building Acoustics