Warehouse Acoustics

The most economical way in which to acoustically and thermally treat a warehouse

Reducing noise levels in a warehouse and giving clarity to the warehouse acoustics can be just as important as a teaching space or reception area.  For safety reasons background noise should comply with HSE requirements. If workers are having to wear ear defenders they are less likely to hear instructions,  oncoming plant or machinery thus increasing the danger.

Good warehouse acoustics often requires the introduction of a large area of acoustically absorptive finish, typically applied to ceilings and walls at high level. SonaSpray is commercially unbeatable: quickly installed by Oscar spray teams, fixed acoustic panels or lagging cannot compete on price. 

SonaSpray is a spray on through coloured decorative finish typically applied at 25mm thick but can be applied up to 100mm thick in one coat. Warehouse acoustics controlled with SonaSpray also benefit from SonaSprays excellent thermal insulation properties.

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Warehouse Acoustics

Spray applied seamless one coat acoustic decorative finish

  • Ideal for controlling warehouse acoustics
  • Rain on roof noise reduction
  • Easily applied to flat or curved surfaces
  • Reduction of noise reverberation
  • Class A absorber
  • Thermal insulation
  • Condensation control
  • SonaSpray provides all these features at lower installed prices than fixed panel systems.
  • Lightweight

Warehouse Acoustics

Building Regs. part ‘E’ & BB93 compliant when used to reduce sound reverberation. 

SonaSpray is a natural humidity moderator. At times of increasing humidity it will absorb large amounts of water vapour. When the humidity drops SonaSpray K-13 Special will exhale water vapour and maintain a balance. This characteristic promotes a healthy atmosphere for workers and the warehouse contents.

Fire Performance Ratings:   UK Fire test by Warrington Fire Research:

  • Class 1 to BS476 Part 7
  • Class 0 to BS476 Part 6

Thermal DATA:   SonaSpray insulates by creating dead air spaces macroscopically between & within the hollow cellulose fibres. Testing on actual buildings demonstrates that sprayed insulation outperforms fibreglass batts that are mechanically fixed. 100mm thick U = 0.32 W/m2K.

Often a combination of SonaSpray and Sounblox is used to control warehouse acoustics. Soundblox are installed during the construction of the building in place of non acoustic standard building blocks.  Oscar Acoustics’ SoundBlox ere virtually maintenance free, withstand frequent impact and quietly do their job for the life of a building.

Warehouse Acoustics

Warehouse Acoustics

SoundBlox are designed so that they can be laid along with standard masonry blocks and can create complete walls or attractive contrasting panels.

SoundBlox absorb both direct & reflected sound by using Helmholtz resonator principles.  The selection of block along with the use of rockwool or vitafoam fillers enables us to adjust absorption characteristics to suit the requirement.

Mechanical resistance (strength) 8-12 N/mm sq. depending upon block selection.

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