What is the difference between soundproofing and reverberation control?

Soundproofing is to stop sound passing through or out of something.  This is what we use our Oscar Iso-Mount range for as it creates an isolated barrier to stop sound being transmitted through ceilings.

Reverberation is the issue we discuss when talking about noisy and unclear spaces.  Reverberation is effectively echo.  Sound bouncing around a room that is not absorbed takes far longer to disipate.  If each new word is taking 5 seconds to disapear and another new word is being said every half second, it turns the room into a sonic battleground.  The natural reaction is to talk louder to be heard but this just worsens the problem. 

Our acoustic finishes for reverberation control such as our SonaSpray or Oscar Elite, absorb the sound as it hits it, preventing it from bouncing back into the path of the occupants.  This reduces overall noise levels and gives clarity to speech and music thus creating a much calmer environment for inhabitants.

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