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The latest news & articles from Oscar Acoustics

SonaSpray K-13 in Herbal House office fit-out

24 Nov 2021

BW Workplace Experts, who specialise in delivering welcoming office environments, enlisted the help of Oscar Acoustics as part of a major office fit out to ensure optimal acoustic comfort for occupants and a ca...

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Business growth spurs recruitment drive for Oscar Acoustics

23 Nov 2021

"Our average project size has increased significantly over the years. This is a great opportunity for hard working and ambitious individuals to join us and be a part of our continued success story."

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Employee welfare falling short when adapting workspaces

15 Oct 2021

Our new research with British architects shows employee welfare falling short when it comes to adapting workspaces and the health of returning office workers is 'not prioritised in office redesigns.

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Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling case study

17 Sep 2021

Richard Bowler wanted to tackle noise transference as part of his basement flat renovation. He turned to Oscar Acoustics to solve the issue cost-effectively, choosing Iso-Mount Type1 acoustic hangers ...

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Designing for workplace health & wellbeing webinar

04 Oct 2021

Watch our Managing Director, Ben Hancock discuss whether end user health is being prioritised enough in office redesigns.  Our latest research shows employee welfare is falling short when adapting wor...

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Why soundproofing is indispensable

13 Sep 2021

Excess noise coming from adjoining rooms or floors above is negatively impacting occupant concentration, health and happiness. Soundproofing has become indispensable.

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How Covid changed workplace trends

06 Sep 2021

To be sure productivity levels return to normal, employers must ensure that unnecessary distractions are removed, and effective noise control measures will play a huge part in achieving that goal.

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Noise reduction in warehouses

18 Aug 2021

Storage is now big business and companies are investing heavily in warehouse space in order to meet customer demand. Is enough being done to consider the health and welfare of warehouse staff – particular...

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SonaSpray - RIBA J PIP Offices webinar

12 Aug 2021

Watch our Managing Director, Ben Hancock's presentation on RIBA J's PIP office webinar - 'Office design of the future.  Agile workspaces that focus on wellness and acoustic comfort.'

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The importance of restaurant acoustics

20 Jul 2021

Oscar Acoustics appear in Modern Hospitality magazine discussing excess noise levels in restaurants and what can be done to achieve optimal restaurant acoustics without compromising on design.

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Office design and productivity

16 Jun 2021

Oscar Acoustics appear in fc&a magazine discussing the benefits of acoustics on office occupants and how workplace interiors can be designed with sound in mind to improve health and productivity.

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Office design of the future - RIBA J

19 May 2021

Oscar Acoustics product feature in RIBA Journal - Office design of the future will need to foster collaboration while controlling noise reverberation and voice projection. They will also require adaptable, easi...

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